Weekly Update

Week of January 24-28

Good Evening,

This week was a short one, but a fun one. We had students creating new art for the post office, learning about MLK, holding peaceful protests to convince Ms Acosta to allow class pets, and writing multi paragraph narratives.

We want to thank all our ExCEL families for being patient and understand as we had to cancel the program for a few days. We do not like the disruption in our programming either and we know it affects your families plans and work schedules as well. Again thank you for making things work this week.

Please tune in on Wednesday at 6:30 for the next school board meeting. There will be a presentation highlighting the AVID program and you will get to see some CLES student testimonials on how organization has impacted their learning.

Make sure to check out some of the new art down at the post office courtesy of the K/1 class.

Please continue to keep your kiddos home if they are ill, have a fever, new cough, sore throat or any other COVID symptoms. We appreciate everyones support with this and know it is not easy.

New COVID guidance:

If you are a close contact of a positive case and are fully vaccinated and showing no symptoms you may come to school. (Remember though, a runny nose is a symptom... tummy distress is a symptom...)

If you are a close contact of a positive case but ARE NOT fully vaccinated you are required to quarantine for 5 days from the last date of exposure.(If it is someone in your household that is 5 days from the end of the positive persons 5 day quarantine ...so 10 total)

If you are positive, Quarantine for 5 days from start of symptoms.

If you child needs to be tested, contact us and we can support locating resources to get them tested if they are symptomatic.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Acosta


541-374-8467 x 3790

Congratulations on a Wonderful Career!!

Our wonderful Teresa Back is retiring. She worked at Cascade Locks Schools for over 20 years! Many of you probably had her as an educator if you attended here. She has done it all, helped with special education, nurtured our students who need extra love and attention, spearheaded the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) work at CLES, taught small group reading, writing, math, served lunch in 4th kitchen, spends hundreds of hours outside supervising our kiddos at recess. Terri has given so much to the CLES and CLHS. She is a true pirate and an eagle. If you see her around town please congratulate her. We wish her the best on the next chapter in her life. Enjoy your endless weekends Ms. Back, we will miss you!

Live stream instruction for students in isolation or quarantine

Students who are new to isolation or quarantine beginning on or after Saturday, Jan. 22, will not have access to live stream instruction.

Students who want to access educational resources will be able to access some resources in their Google Classroom. Students are not required to enter their Google Classroom nor submit assignments while they are in isolation or quarantine.

Winter Weather Preparation- Send a change of clothes to leave at school

We will go outside for recess unless there is ice on the playground. This means rain, snow, wind...we will be outside. Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately. Every student has their own locker. They may leave items like boots gloves/mittens hats etc in their lockers for colder days. Our weather changes so quickly...It may be dry when they leave for school but be raining heavily by recess time. Another great idea (especially for our K-3 kiddos, but even 4/5) would be to have them bring a set of clothes and leave them in their lockers too... Sometimes they get a little over zealous and a fun scoot down the slide turns into soaked bottoms! Or a slip on the grass = instant soggy pants and undies.

Please make sure they bring a jacket each day to school....A cotton sweatshirt is not appropriate for Cascade Locks winters. Here is a fun video as I know this battle happens on the daily for many of you! If your child needs a winter jacket please call Danielle Herndon at the office and let us know 541-374-8467. We will get them a warm coat in their size. If you have already shopped and they have one please send them to school with it. Remember that 20 minutes outside is a long time when its cold. Our students' tiny bodies get colder faster than adult bodies (especially their hands and ears!). Let's work together to set them up for successful, fun, outdoor time!

Inclement Weather and ExCEL

  • ExCEL will be canceled if we have a 2 hour delay in the morning.

  • ExCEL will be canceled if we release students early due to weather.

  • ExCEL will be canceled if district wide after school activities are canceled.
  • ExCEL will be canceled if staffing is effected by quarantines.

Please make sure the school has your contingency plan for your student if ExCEL is canceled. You may text Danielle (on talking points), call (541-374-8467) or email Danielle Herndon @ Danielle.herndon@hoodriver.k12.or.us to let us know your plans if they will be changing.

State Testing

This spring we will be administering the OSAS state test in ELA and Math to our 3-5 grade students. 5th graders will also take the science test. Our teachers work to create a calm, low pressure testing environment with lots of breaks and thoughtful planning throughout the day to support the students while we are testing.

Why does participation matter?

While no single test can give a complete picture of your child’s progress, statewide tests provide educators and administrators with information about what educational approaches are working and where additional resources are needed. Your child’s participation is important to ensure schools and districts receive the targeted resources they need to help all students succeed.

Parents do have the right to opt out of testing. If you are curious about this option please read the document linked below and submit an opt out form.

English Form

Spanish Form