Don't even try,God already decide..

-John Calvin-

Why do we need to reform the church?

The church reform is needed for many reasons. One was the religious issue. The Pope is now too secular and abusing his power.It leads to the economic issues, where he forced the poor and the middle-class people to pay all the fees for the Church's artworks. There are also some more problems coming hand-in-hand with these issues. Nationalism or the devotion to a particular state or nation is one of those. People consider themselves as the citizens of a government separate from the church because they now focus more on themselves instead of the church. One of the biggest issue is the sale of indulgences by the Pope Leo V. It is considered as a practice or business that go against with the church's teachings and traditions. So the fact that the Pope is now getting money from that is unacceptable. As a conclusion, these reasons are proofs to say that the church reform is very necessary.

Summary of John Calvin's ideas

John Calvin believed in doctrine of predestination. Predestination means God decides who go to hell and who go to heaven before they were born. So doesn't matter if that person did bad things or good things throughout their whole life, the place they will go to after death will stay the same. There are nothing man can do to change that fact. Also, John Calvin believed in the simply life. He consider that a person should have a simply life with simply clothing and no entertainment. Further more, he also believed in theocracy, a government where the religious officials are in charge to rule the nation. That's what he applied to the government of city of Geneva, where he established his own church and rule it by himself.