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Satires, Parodies, and Spoofs

The iPhone 5S (Parody) Ad: A Taller Change

More than likely, you've seen a parody before (and you didn't know)

What is a parody? What is a satire or spoof? How do they assist in literature?

These works are generally the funny side of the internet, poking fun at the most serious of writing. Want us to be more specific? Well...

Parodies (Weird Al the Rockstar)

It's easy to say that a parody is one of the most famous forms of satire, and there's a good reason. A parody is something to poke fun at a specific work using what the original item used. Some of the most famous parody makers are Alfred "Weird Al" Yankovic and Tim Hawkins.

Spoofs (not a Parody)

Most people think that spoofs are parodies. They aren't far from the truth. Spoofs are, in actuality, "saturated" forms of parodies, making fun of a general topic instead of something specific. Two famous spoofs are Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's 1605 novel The Adventures of Don Quixote and the 1975 British film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, as they both poked fun at certain ideals at the time, the romance stories of the 1600s and the story of King Arthur's quest for the Holy Grail respectively.

Satires-The Most Complicated of Them All

Satires are generally the "widest" of the trio; it relies on humor to criticize credences (like political, religious, and moral beliefs). It's not one general spectrum. Its tone can change rom lighthearted to good-humored to sarcastic and glib. In short, everything about a satire is exaggerated, but not completely brought out of proportion.

Fun and Games with Literature

Even with their differences, parodies, spoofs, and satires all rely on literary conventions to mock those same sources. Parodies are the "smallest" side; they exaggerate only a specific work. Spoofs take on a group of works (otherwise known as genres), and the satires take on the whole bunch of broad literature. In order to avoid having ever hearing or knowing about the three, well it would be rather difficult, as satire, parodies, and spoofs are everywhere.

Billy Joel - Piano Man

...and then its parody (below)

Weird Al's Ode to a Superhero (Spiderman)

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