Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter January 4-8, 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a relaxing vacation. It is nice to have 3 whole weekends off and two full weeks, but sometimes it is hard to get back in the groove-or honestly find the motivation to have the revved up energy we know we all need for our elementary students!

I hope you found the professional development days this week beneficial and a little bit of fun.

That is one way I begin to motivate myself--I think about new tools, techniques, or teaching tips that can be used in classrooms and how I might be able to share these ideas with teachers. Another way I get energized is to think about the goals we have for students for the end of the year...this quarter is prime teaching and learning time and great for seeing some real growth.

I hear others talk about how they are motivated to come back to school because of some cool lessons and activities they have planned for these first two weeks. I know many of you are excited to be back to work with colleagues that you truly enjoy spending time with.

What is your favorite way to get motivated to come back to school? Add your thoughts to the comment box below!

Whatever your motivation is, wrap your head around it...get organized for tomorrow morning...relax and enjoy this evening! Bring your best back to Lewis tomorrow for an exciting 2nd semester!

Unit of Instruction

This is the month to complete your Unit of Instruction (UoI). Please seek help as needed and make sure you have uploaded examples of all supporting documents. The scoring guide can be found at the top of the organizer when you are logged in. All units are "due" on Jan. 29.

We have several collaboration Wednesdays earmarked to work on this project.

Power Objectives actually should break the Power Standards down into manageable learning objectives--beginning with "The student will be able to..." Or "I can..."

But as we talked about on Monday, if they are just the same as the Power Standards for now, that is OK.

Team Meetings will focus on Reading Data and Action Steps

This week's team meetings with grade levels will be focused on reading data and our action steps to help as many students as possible become grade level proficient readers or beyond this year.

We will be looking at student groupings for reading intervention during PRIDE time and solidifying those plans to begin intervention on Jan. 19. We will also have time to share and discuss small group reading instruction for each grade level and collaborate to provide the best possible instruction and practice possible during the reading block.

Bring any data or info that will be useful for you to have meaningful, productive time with your team. TItle teachers, Christy Harris and Rice/Bright will be joining the team meetings to provide support and stay abreast of planning and achievement.

Have you seen this app? Pretty cool

Coming Up this Week!

Jan. 4 Inservice AM-@ Westview, PM-@ Lewis

Jan. 5 District Inservice-High School

Jan. 6 ECC PCM

Jan. 6 Collaboration-Work on Unit of Instruction

Jan. 7 Team Meetings - Reading Data review

Jan. 11 Grades due on PowerSchool by midnight

7 Year Old Forges Note to Extend Winter Break from School