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October Edition

Gerber Union Elementary School District

The Mission of Gerber Elementary School is to team with families to create a college-oriented culture where students are safe, respected, and empowered to contribute in a global community.

Answer to September RIDDLE: What has hands but can not clap? A CLOCK

October RIDDLE: What Has to be broken before you can use it?


As we head into the fall season and get settled into the school year, it’s important to establish good routines. Kids do best when they feel safe, secure, and supported. Routines help establish this! Routines allow kids to know what to expect, which helps them learn that life is predictable, and in turn offers a sense of security.

Daily routines might include:

  • Wake up, nap, and bed times

  • Bath and mealtimes

  • Housework, cooking and cleaning schedules

  • Family time and outdoor play

  • Getting ready for school

  • Homework time

  • Reading time

Tips for setting up routines:

  1. Talk to your child about why you are establishing a routine

  2. Set schedules with your child

  3. Stick to the schedule and acknowledge when you can’t/don’t

  4. Revisit the schedule and make adjustments if necessary

  5. Make it visual! Use icons, pictures, charts and graphs

Enrollment: Approximately 380 students

Acknowledgments: Our September Employee of the Month is DeLana Button! Mrs. Button goes above and beyond to support student success at Gerber. Not only does Mrs. Button give 110% everyday at school, she also supports our afterschool program by tutoring students during SERRF. Thank you Mrs. Button!!! We appreciate everything you do for kids, staff and Gerber School!


This month is red ribbon week.

  • CBEDS Day- October 2nd

  • Red Ribbon Week - October 21st-25th

  • Chinese Acrobats Assembly - October 22nd

  • Student of the Month Assembly- October 25th

  • School Carnival- Oct 25th from 5pm-8pm

Athletic Schedule:


  • October 1st, 4:00 @ Reeds Creek

  • October 3rd, 3:45 @ Los Molinos

  • October 8th, 3:30 @ Richfield

  • October 15th 3:30 (Home Game)


  • October 1st, 4:00 @ Reeds Creek

  • October 3rd, 3:45 (Home Game)

  • October 8th, 3:30 @ Richfield

  • October 10th, 4:00 @ Maywood

  • October 15th, 3:30 (Home Game)

  • October 22nd, 3:30 @ Woodson

SEL Continued… Self-esteem: The Basics

  • Self-esteem is about liking yourself and who you are. This doesn’t mean being overconfident. Instead, it means believing in yourself, having a healthy sense of self-worth, and knowing what you do well.

    For children, self-esteem comes from:

    • knowing that they’re loved and that they belong to a family and a community that values them

    • spending quality time with their families

    • being encouraged to try new things, finding things they’re good at and being praised for things that are important to them.

    Below are two articles that offer great information on how parents can assist their children in developing healthy self-esteem. Several studies indicate, a healthy level of self-esteem often results in an increase in positive mood, hopefulness, happiness, confidence, openness to try new things, problem-solving skills, self-regulation skills, and many other positive traits, behaviors, and characteristics.

    Helping Your Child Develop A Healthy Sense of Self-Esteem

    Your Child's Self-Esteem

    ***The most important thing you can do to foster your child’s self-esteem is to tell your child that you love him. Say it often and for no reason other than to show you appreciate your child.***

Raising a Reader Program at Gerber

The research is clear---- when families are meaningfully involved, children’s academic achievement improves.

This year our Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten teachers will be implementing Raising a Reader program. The goal of Raising a Reader is to promote early learning family experiences which help to prepare children for later success in school. Reading to children helps them become better listeners, learn new words and build their understanding of the world they live in. By participating in Raising a Reader, your child will fall in love with the joy of sharing a book with his/her family.

Be on the look out for fliers or parent announcements for Kick-Off Orientation day and parent meetings.

If you have any questions regarding program please contact one of our wonderful TK/K teachers Maria Chavez or Melanie Nolan.

Raising a Reader’s mission is to engage caregivers in a routine of book sharing with their children from birth through age eight to foster healthy brain development, healthy relationships, a love of reading, and the literacy skills critical for school success.

Big picture

Our Raising a Reader Team getting book bags ready for families.

Tech Tip

With more apps being created daily, it is hard to keep up with which ones are appropriate for your kids. Common Sense Media is a website that has articles and reviews for parents about apps. They have recommendations for what age level the app is for, ratings for different categories such as educational value, and an area telling what parents need to know about that app. They also have reviews for different types of entertainment such as movies, games, websites, TV shows, books, and music. Click here to check it out.

Upcoming Local Events

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