France Times

Letters to the Editor

Royal Family leaving to Verannes?

Thank you for informing us about the royal family leaving. King Louis XVI treated the Third Estate horrible after being forced to agree to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. It angered all of us and if he had not left with his family, someone would have assasinated him. Now that he has sent that letter to the National Assembly claiming a counterrevolution, he will be caught and tried for treason.

The Tennis Court Oath

As being apart of the Tennis Court Oath, i would like to clarify the rumours that have been shared. The First and Second Estates have been clashing with the Third Estate for quite some time now. As a result we, the Third Estate, created a new name, the National Assembly. During the period of a meeting we were locked out of the building. We were angered and walked on to the King's tennis court and made an oath. This was now called the Tennis Court Oath, which stated that we shall have a meeting no matter where or when, but we shal continue to meet until we fix the problems in our government.

Napoleon's Greatness

This newspaper has informed our family much of Napoleon's greatness. He has completed the revolution after all the longing we have had for it to occur. He has declared the rigime he as created is a break from the immediate past, but a continuity of the past. He is correct his fight and leadership will lead France into greatness.