A Peek at the Week

May 6, 2019

5 Days

It is so hard to believe that we are five school days away from beginning SCReady testing. The hard truth is that while we know our students are so much more than a test score, we work to prepare them for this time from the day they walk in our doors. If we had a dollar for every time we said the word "SCReady" in discussions, we would be very wealthy. No matter our feelings about testing, our students are going to have to read numerous passages and answer questions, solve word problems, respond to a passage through writing, and answer many multiple choice questions. Continue to give them the tools they need to be confident, assured, and knowledgeable this week. Practice the online tools tutorial with them multiple times and review where needed. Keep your schedules tight and don't miss any of your small groups. Let's give them 100% of ourselves this week, so that they will give us 100% of themselves next week. :-)
Big picture

As behavior issues arise, this may help you as you seek to understand the behaviors some of your kids exhibit.

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Keep Victoria in your prayers!

To do list for this week:

1. Teacher Online survey if you have not already done so.

2. Make sure you have entered your summative data in your SLO and signed where appropriate.

3. Progress Reports go home this Thursday. Make sure your grades are in by this day.

4. Sign-up to help with Ties and Tiaras if you have not already done so. The sign-up sheet is in the office.

5. Let your kids know that ALL library books are due this Friday. If you have classroom library books checked out, turn them in by Friday.

What's Coming Up

  • The Buy One Get One Book Fair is open all week.
  • Elizabeth's Wedding Shower is this Tuesday.
  • Kindergarten teachers have Lucy Calkins' Phonics training Tuesday
  • Homeroom teachers have testing training Tuesday.
  • Monitors and Small groups have testing training Wednesday.
  • Grades 5, 4, & 2 have grade level recess Thursday. Stacey will meet with you for half of this time to provide trainng on conferring.
  • Our testing PEP rally is Friday at 1:30!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Our hope is that you feel appreciated more than just one week a year! The bulk of our acts of appreciation will be next week as we thought that testing week would be a great week to provide some treats! We will have a couple of surprises this week, but look out for next week!

Please know that we so appreciate you! Although we don't say it nearly enough, we are so grateful to work alongside you every day!