Breiana robinson's Dream Vacation

Fiji Facts

I want to go to Fiji for my dream vacation.

Fiji is in Oceania in the Melanesia.

Me and my dad always wanted to go and get our own Fiji water.

It is a nice get away with amazing views

Interesting Facts:

1. The 14th Season of Survivor was shot there

2. Fiji water comes from Fiji in an aquifer named Viti Levu

3. Fiji became an independent republic in 1970

4. English is Fiji's official language

5. Fiji is a little smaller than New Jersey

6. Fiji waters have over 1,500 species in them

7. Fiji is home of over 4,00 square miles of coral reef

8. Fiji has over 28 air ports but only 4 have run ways

9. Fiji's highest point is 4,344 ft.

10. Fiji receives 400,00 to 500,000 tourist a year


It is 6,417 miles from Fiji to Texas.

I will take Julia, Zoelie, and my friend Eli.

We will stay for about 1 week at most.

We will take an air plane flight.

It will take about 13 hours to get there.


We will stay at Sheraton Resort and Spa.

It has a spa, hot tubs, pools, and amazing views.

It is on Tokoriki Island, Fiji.

We will need to pack plenty of summer clothes and swimsuits.

We will need to bring plenty of sunscreen too.


Our Hotel will cost $202 each night.

Our food budget is less than $100 dollars each night.

We will spend about $100 dollars each shopping and another 100 for activities.

Our flight will cost about $1,600 each.

We will rent bicycles so we don't have to pay for gas.

The bikes will cost about $24 a day.