Trajans Column & Ara Pacis

By: Hailey Mumpower & Sarah Ferebee 4A

When was Trajan’s Column and Ara Pacis built

Trajan's Column was completed in AD 113, it describes the epic wars between the Romans and Dacians (101–102 and 105–106).

The Ara Pacis was built way before the Trajan's Column it was built around 9 BC.

Describe what is depicted on each of these structures?

Trojan's column was intended to represent how high the original hills in the area were after they were leveled in order to build the new forum. The Trajans colum was used to depict the victory of the Dacias War.

Ara Pacis was created to represent peace.

Are there any modern counterparts?

The Trojan's Column does not have any modern counterparts.

The Ara Pacis has a building around to help preserve some of the parts.

What was the purpose of each structure?

This military column was erected to commemorate the emperor’s victories in Dacia. The surface has carved relief showing sense from the campaigns. It was originally surmounted by a statue of Trajan in 1587. The Ara Pacis was used to welcome home augustus and signify peace.

What materials were used to build them?

Both of the structures were built out of Luna Marble. That is very pretty carve out.

Who constructed each of these structures and why?

Trajans column was built after the victory of the Dacia wars by emperor Trajan. Ara Pacis was built for the return of Augustus from Rome.

Where were the located?

The Trajans Column was located in Trajans Forum. The Ara Pacis was built on the west side of Via Flaminia.

Are they still standing?

Only one of them is still standing and that is Trajan's column. The Ara pacis is being worked on the be preserved only some parts of it are still standing.


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