Owl Team

September 5 to September 9


Dear 5th Grade Dual Language parents and students,

Mrs. Forsyth, Mr. Velez, Mr. Duncan and Mr. Cavazos are all excited about being your teachers this year!

This newsletter is the first one of many that you will receive every week with announcements, reminders and celebrations from our team.

Please make a habit to check your email every weekend and review your child's upcoming classes, events, and homework assignments.


Week one of 5th grade done!

Our Owls are ready for a great school year. Please make sure you review your child's backpacks every weekend, leave any graded papers and projects at home.

Remember also that you can check your child's grades anytime by accessing the HAC (Home Access Center).

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Events Coming Up/Important Information

Link to Oakwood's calendar of events: http://ow.csisd.org/

Remember to review the Student Handbook!



Third week

Monday: School Holiday

Tuesday: Test Corrections and Reteach

Wednesday: Two Digit by Two Digit Multiplication

Thursday: Three Digit by Two Digit Multiplication

Friday: Three Digit by Two Digit Multiplication

We have completed Unit One of 5th Grade math. Now we move into Multiplication and Division Unit Two. Our first test will be given on Friday, please ask your child on Tuesday how they did and ask for the graded test.


We will have homework everyday Monday to Thursday. All homework can be turned in daily and all homework is due each Friday. Homework will be graded on Sunday and returned to student on Monday. We have no Tuesday folder. All work and tests will be returned and it will be your child's responsibility to take home. Most will drop it in recycle bin.

Language Arts

week 4

Monday: Starting the Writer’s Workshop

Tuesday: Generating more writing

Wednesday: Good writers write seed stories.

Thursday: Interactive read aloud

Friday: Write details about what you see.


Read book from library the English one!

Interactive work by the journal.


1st week

Monday: 5.5 Properties of Matter

Tuesday: 5.5 A Stations

Wednesday: 5.5 A Stations

Thursday:5.5 A Stations/Turn in homework

Friday: Turn in journals, 5.5 Review/Test on https://www.quia.com/web


4 words

To view this week's list go to:


Social Studies

9/26 Working in class on a creative project about the colonies. Students have study questions for Chapter 4

9/27 Reading orally Chapter 4 and working on vocabulary

9/28 Reading orally and going over Chapter 4 for test on Friday

9/29 Review for Chapter 4.

9/30 Test 4 Project due in class for presenting.

We are working on a colony project. We are working on the project in class.

I have assigned another project which is due Oct 14.

I have tweaked my grading procedures to include project based learning in my class.

I sent out the project today to most classes.

I will finish sending out the second project tomorrow.

It is due Oct 14.

Owls Give Back

Owl students will be working on service projects throughout the year!

To become a volunteer or if you have service project ideas please share them with us!


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August Birthdays



M-W 7:45 am-8:15 am

by invitation only


Tuesday-Friday during Success by Mr. Velez

by invitation only


Social Studies

Please note that all events/activities are subject to change. This newsletter may be updated at any point within the week.