Science-Math-Music-Art-21st Century Readiness-Technology

How do you create a space to prepare students for learning that does not yet exist?

One thing has remained constant in education, we have always prepared our students for a future that is undefined. There have been, and always will be, a basic set of skills that are required to be successful in any setting that include our core content such as ELA, math, science, and social studies. In addition to the core areas, there are skills that this generation will be required to have in the future educational setting or work setting that will be crucial to success. These skills include: creativity, innovation, communication, collaborative skills, and initiative. So the question is, How do you teach these skills and concepts to our youngest learners? First ask, What will the world require in 2030 to be succesful? The answer...Who Knows!!! But what we do know is that best we have to offer today in technology and training will be the worst these kids will have in their lifetime! What we are left with is to find ways to teach skills that will allow our students success in any setting.

SMmART Tank Goals

The Learning Process

  • Provide opportunities for students to become involved in the learning process and take pride in the process of learning
  • Challenge students to be wrong and to take that experience and learn from it
  • To create an environment of collaboration to solve real world problems
  • Realize that there is more than one answer when solving a problem

Student Outcomes

  • Problem Solving: Student driven questions, student solutions, and student conclusions
  • Innovation: Focus on the arts to allow for creative approaches to solving math and science problems or theory
  • Inventing: Engineer new ideas to solve or fix problems
  • Self-Reliant: Desire to explore options within context presented
  • Logic: Ability to provide logical steps and rational to invention / innovation
  • Technology: Use technology to create
  • Communication: Develop skills to transfer ideas from self to peers and other staff