Technology Holiday Checklist

Please read before leaving for your well deserved break.

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Here is the list, and I've checked it twice:

  • Turn off all mobile devices(Chromebooks & Nexus 7 Tablets)
  • Connect mobile devices to power and lock the device cabinets.
  • Turn off Mobi & Redimike and connect to power.

Important message about your DESKTOP COMPUTERS

The desktop windows update cycle is set to run on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 1:30 AM. This was set so that updates could normally run overnight and reboot if required without interruption during the day. However the 4th Tuesdaythis month (as it was last month) falls during a holiday break. Therefore if the computer is turned off it will catch up during the day when it is first turned back on. If a reboot (or multiple reboots) is required the user will get a 90 minute warning that the system WILL reboot at the end of that time. The user can go ahead and reboot to take care of the requirement however another update behind that one may require another reboot after it runs. All that said I will leave it up to each of you to decide whether or not to leave your computers on over the break. Also you could power everything up on the 4th and let them catch up. There are pros and cons to each scenario. Hope each of you have a great Christmas and New Year!!~Tech Services