Maxine H&A @ Cosmos Beauty Bar

This Thursday 11am - 7pm!!!

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Have some "ME" time and come to Cosmos Beauty Bar in Glen Ellyn (walking distance from the train) get a fabulous mani/pedi, shop new Spring merchandise and enjoy one of their delicious specialized cocktails.

What could be better than having your nails done, enjoying a cocktail and shopping?!?!

Maxine H&A will be there on March 12th from 11am ~ 7pm

Cosmos Beaty Bar

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Maxine Handbags & Accessories

As always, if you can't come to any of these events, PLEASE call, text, email or FB message me to set up a time for you to swing by my house to shop.

All of these goodies are in my office waiting for you!!



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Maxine H&A at Cosmos Beauty Bar in Glen Ellyn

Thursday, March 12th, 11am-7pm

526 Duane Street

Glen Ellyn, IL

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