By: Blake Jackson

Monterrey Economy (modderen)

Monterrey's Economy

Monterrey has a pretty well rounded economy. Monterrey is a major city and capital of the state Nuevo Leon. I love staying here because Monterrey is one of Mexico's most developed city. With the highest per capita income in the nation. Its Mexico's second richest city, and sixty-third richest city in the world. Monterrey has a major industrial center in the north east, the center produces a GDP of 78.5 billion U.S. dollars. This is one main reason that Monterrey is sixty-third richest city in the world. As you can tell Monterrey is a very nice city, with a really good economy. Also because of its steel industry it is often called the "Pittsburgh of Mexico". There are many great things about Monterrey's economy these are just some facts there are thousands of more. I learned all of these when I was there and I was there for only one week imagine how many facts you could collect in a month! Personally I think this is one of the best economy's in the nation possibly the best! I love spending time here, it was so interesting and awesome learning all about this wonderful economy. I don't think I will ever have another trip like u it, its a one of a kind trip and would love to come here again. You should visit it you self. See y'all later got to go tour other economy's around the world.

Second Project

Now for my second project!

Freeport, Bahamas Geography (modderen)

Freeport, Bahamas is strategically located just 65 miles west of the coast of palm beach, Florida. Is is very nice here with amazing weather. Sense it is so close to Florida it has a lot of geographic features in common. It features a tropical climate with mild winters. Average temperatures range low 80s,with the water temperatures varying between the 72 and 78 Fahrenheit. I stayed for winter and spring and I got to use to the temperatures. The winters are usually cool and dry. The winter are usually between the 60s and 70s. The summers usually hot and wet. I did some research and asked around the city, they said "although a freeze has never breeze has never been recorded in the Bahamas, snow was reported to have mixed with with rain in February 1977."
The same time is snowed in Miami area. The average high of the year is 81.4 Fahrenheit. The average low of the year is 71.2 Fahrenheit. So that is another reason why I love to stay here the weather is so nice. Also the average precipitation of the year is 58.1 inches, so it does rain a lot that's one thing I don't like. I figured the averages from the scientist who do them every year. It is 30 feet above sea level which I think is perfect. It is one of the most beautiful places I have visited and I think you should visit how pretty it is.

Third prject

Now for my third project!

Hisrorey of Peru (past)

Hi, I'm Blake Jackson and I'm here to tell you about the history of Peru. I'm going to tell you about history from the past. For many travelers like me when I think of Peru's History the first word that comes to my mind is "Inca." The Inca civilization, or the best known and most studied in South America. Pre- Columbians is one important thing I learned on the trip, almost everyone that visits learns about it from the people there. Yet, Incas are mainly the trip for archaeology. Thats the reason I'm here, but I have learned many other things to. Peru is unequaled for its archeology wealth. Many of us found Peru's ancient sites and culture really interesting as those of Mexico, Egypt of the Mediterranean. Learning about and visiting these centuries old sights was the highlight of our trip. We learned many cool facts about Peru and its history. It is very interesting and awesome to learn all of this stuff. Well got to go to get more facts and stories to tell y'all tune in next time.

Brazil Culture

Sorry to say this but this is my last journal entry. This time I'm going to tell about culture of Brazil. First off, Brazil has a lot of ethnic groups and many different ones. "Diverse nature showing that an ethnic and cultural mixed occurred in the colonial period involving mostly Native Americans, Portuguese, and Africans" they told me. They also told me another thing that's important in their culture there that happen in the past "In the 19th and 20th centuries Italian, German, Spanish, Ukrainians, Polish, Arab, and Japanese immigrants settled in Brazil and played an important role in their culture. The diverse cultural background has helped boast many celebrations and festivals that have become known around the world, such as Brazilian Carnival and the Bumba Mue Boi. The colorful creates an environment that makes Brazil popular destination for many tourist like me. I have learned all this stuff from the amazing people there. Also I learned how to say some things in their language. They speak a Brazilian form of Portuguese, which in includes many words from Native Americans and African languages. Most follow the Roman Catholic religion but some follow the Brazilians Combine Catholicism with beliefs and practices from African and Native American religions. Over all it was a great trip and the people are so nice and giving. Most people go there to learn about the culture and you should too. Well I'm done writing these....... for this year come back next year to learn more.