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This Week-September 14-18

Mon, Sept 14

Lady Warriors 7th Volleyball vs. Smithfield @ Smithfield - 4:30

Lady Warriors 8th Volleyball vs. Smithfield @ WMS - 4:30

Warriors 7th Football vs. Smithfield @ Birdville Stadium -

"A" Team 4:30 "B" Team 5:30

Tues, Sept 15

Warriors 8th Football vs. Smithfield @ Birdville Stadium -

"A" Team 4:30 "B" Team 5:30

Wed, Sept 16

Faculty Advisory Committee Mtg. 7:30 am

Site Based Committee Mtg. 4:15 pm

Thurs, Sept 17


Fri, Sept 18


Simmons Says

Want to see what is happening in the Secondary Instructional World of BISD? Check out Mr. Simmons' web page.
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Three Myths About Differentiation (taken from the Marshall Memo)

In this Edutopia article, San Francisco educator Paul France addresses three common beliefs that he says prevent many teachers from personalizing (a.k.a. differentiating) instruction in their classrooms. Each has a grain of truth to it, but there are strong counter-arguments:

Myth #1: All students should be working on their own projects with unique products. Not only is this impossible to manage, says France, but it’s not the best full-time structure for teaching and learning. “Yes, we want to differentiate content for our students in order to help them access it in ways that work for them,” he says, “but we also don’t want them working in silos, void of interaction and deprived of shared experiences.” France advocates mixing individualized “passion projects” with whole-class and small-group experiences where students interact around common content through discussions, observing peer models, and participating in a learning community. Of course shared curriculum experiences shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, he says: “Instead, these activities and lessons will have multiple entry points, allowing for varied paces, without having to plan 20-30 unique activities.”

Myth #2: Students should be working only on what interests them. Since students’ self-identified interests may initially be quite narrow, this approach risks selling students short, says France. When he taught Westward Expansion, for example, it wasn’t on the short list of topics that fascinated his students. But they became engaged because he used methods and materials that aroused interest and kicked involvement into high gear. “What’s more,” he says, “this series of lessons was another way to debunk Myth 1, showing that if students are able to be active prosumers of information, a well-planned shared experience will personalize itself.”

Myth #3: Differentiation is too much work for teachers. True, personalizing may entail extra work at first, says France. But if it’s done well, there should be no net increase in teacher workload. The same amount of prep time shifts from reading the teacher’s manual, making copies, and grading “benign” assignments to planning and orchestrating a student-driven, teacher-curated curriculum. “In a personalized curriculum,” he says, “teachers spend time building soft skills, finding authentic materials that can be used for future students, and conducting authentic formative assessments that build momentum. Students slowly become more autonomous – more reflective – and we start to see a return on investment… This ends up actually saving us time in the classroom, as our practice becomes less reactive and more embedded into natural routines of inquiry, disequilibrium, and student-driven problem-solving.”

“Three Personalization Myths” by Paul France, Edutopia, June 19, 2015, http://bit.ly/1LeKyoc

Fall Employee Wellness Challenge


Why a Sleep Challenge?

People seem to wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honor. However, a good night's sleep is critical. It is the foundation that powers your overall well-being affecting activity, nutrition, drive, productivity and more. Logging solid shut-eye boosts energy levels, impacts immune system, focus at work, and drive to get things done.

What is the Sleep~Well Challenge?

3 week challenge to sleep the recommended 7-9 hours per night.

Each week of the challenge, learn how sleep supports and affects our



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Hmmmm. JOKESTER or Jerk?

So- if you want to increase parent/student attendance at Open House, tell your students you are giving away an iPad to one lucky winner! All students had to do was have their parent sign-in to Mr. Zamora's classroom. This morning, he drew one lucky winner... Congrats, Mathew B.

Mr. Zamora wins the "Sarcasm Award", again.

**The title of this "bit" was used and approved by J. Zamora!!!**

DUTIES - Are You Watching?

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September Birthdays

September 12 - Ginger Huff

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