Mercury Element

By: Ashley Wilson

Mercury's symbol is Hg , the mass is 200.89, and the atomic number is 80. The boiling point is 674.1°F, the freezing point is -37.89°F, and the ,melting point is 37.89°F.

Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons.

Protons: 80

Neutrons: 121

Electrons: 80

Number of valence electrons, and what type of substance it is.

# of valence electrons: 2

In the metal group.

Reactivity, group/period, and normal phase.

Reactivity of Mercury with oxygen on strong heating only. Reacts to dilute acids but only with concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids. Less reactive than alhali and alkaline-earth metals.

Group: 12

Period: 6

The normal phase of Mercury is liquid.

Family/group and general info.

Family: Transitions metals

General info. : also known as liquid silver and quick silver for its fast mobility.

Interesting facts, and element uses.

1. Higher density than most elements

2. Good cunductors of heat and electricity

3. Mercury is actually clear but has silver in it to give it its color.

Element uses: in batteries, thermometers, barometers, fluorescent lights, felt production and is used with gold and tin.

When and who discovered Mercury

Mercury was thought to be discovered in 1500 BC by the Chinese and Hindus.