AIDS In Children

What is AIDS? How many people in the United States have AIDS?

AIDS is a virus that alters the immune system. AIDS cause people to become more vulnerable to illness. More 1.1 million people are living with AIDS in the United States.

Site: Center For Disease Control

What is HIV? How are HIV and AIDS related?

HIV is a virus that leads to AIDS. HIV and AIDS are related because HIV is the virus that leads up to AIDS.

Site: Medical news today

How can children get AIDS? What does AIDS do to the body?

Most children who get AIDS are usually infected by the mother through child

birth. Aids effect the body by weakening the immune system and making you vulnerable to diseases.


What are two ways doctors are treating AIDS patients?

Doctors are using drug treatments and highly active therapy


What research is is being done to find a cure? How successful has it been?

using drug treatments have showed improvement in the immune system and it helps fight off AIDS. But, doesn't completely cure the virus.