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What is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is an infection in your appendix. Your appendix is a little wormed shaped appendage at the end of your large Intestine.
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What part of the body does this affect?

Appendicitis effects the appendix. If it ruptures it effects other parts in your abdominal area because fecal matter escapes from the large intestine and infects some parts it leaks on.

How does the appendix work normally?

The appendix is useless. It has no effect on your body if you don't have one.

How does this condition arise?

This usually happens when fecaliths (hard masses of fecal matter hardened around around undigested food) and undigested food such as seeds get caught in or around the area of the appendix. which causes it to be inflamed because nothing can circulate through.
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How is it diagnosed?

There are many ways to diagnose appendicitis. Doctors use all of these. They can exam the abdominal area to see if its inflamed. They can test your urine to see if it is urinary traction and not appendicitis. They can do a rectal exam. They can test your blood to tell if your fighting an infection. Also they can do a ct scan or an ultrasound.

How many people get appendicitis?

One out of fifteen people get appendicitis in the U.S. Appendicitis is uncommon in children under the age of two. It is more common in people 10 to 30.
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What are the symptoms?

At first it is a vague pain around your belly button. Then later it is a sharp pain in the lower right part of your abdominal area that is very sensitive if you touch it. It hurts more when you let go than when you push down. You may be nauseous. you can have muscle spasms. I have had appendicitis and it hurt so bad that I couldn't walk and I also had a fever of 104.
Appendicitis Explained Medical Course

How do you treat appendicitis?

It used to be that surgery to remove the appendix was the only way to treat it. Now if you catch it early you can use antibiotics. Surgery gets rid of appendicitis 99% of the time. Medical people are trying to make antibiotics that treat appendicitis when it's bad with out having to get surgery.

what is the chance of surviving appendicitis?

If surgery is done correctly (which it is almost always is) you have a 99% chance of living.

Why did I choose this?

I chose this because I had appendicitis when I was four. Also my friend and my granpa had this and I want to know more about this.

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