"Drilling our way to success" By: Emma Clusman, Hr: 2

Basic Information

- Dentists care for the teeth and gums of their patients

- Dentists fill cavities using rotary dental tools

- Dentists protect teeth using sealants and fluoride

- Dentists promote healthy eating to their patients to keep teeth strong

- Dentists teach patients how to properly take care of their teeth, to prevent cavities

- Dentists work 40 hours a week, Monday - Friday (Can be called in for emergencies)

- Dentists earn $74,000 - $166,000+ per year

- Dentists all over usually form a partnership with another dentist or are self employed

- Dentists take a 4 year dental school after they get their bachelors degree

- Dentists have to be patient because their patients are often in a huge amount of pain

Pros and Cons


- You make lots of money! ($166,000+), if you have lots of money you can buy more things that you would like. Also you have lots of money to pay bills with.

- You can be self-employed if you choose, getting the option is so awesome. It is a good thing to be self-employed because you don't have a boss telling you what to do and yelling at you all the time. You get to keep yourself on track and work hard for yourself.

- Dentists get to work with people everyday. Having people skills is an important trait to have. I love being around and working with people all day. If you work by yourself all day it gets boring really fast.


- You work Monday - Friday, 40 hours a week plus emergency calls. You are working so much that you don't get to see your family that much. If you have off but then get called in, you need to go in because it can be an emergency.

- To be a dentist you have to go to college and get a bachelors degree, then you need a 4 year dental degree. Going to school for 8 years is a long time. Also it costs a lot of money to go to college, so if you have to go for eight years it will cost a lot of money.

- There is high competition, since so many people want to be dentists. It is harder for someone who wants to be a dentist to find a job now a days. This is a con because if you can't find a job you can't make any money.

High School Courses

- Anatomy and Physiology

- Chemistry

- Foreign Language (minimum of two years)

- Statistics and Probability.

College Courses

- Foreign Language (minimum of two years)

- Health Science Classes

- Advanced Chemistry

- Business Classes

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Address: 100 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Pros and Cons


- This college is pretty close to home so that if I ever wanted to travel home I wouldn't have to take a plane. Going to a college that is close to home can save you lots of money.

- The tuition of this school is cheap compared to many other colleges. One reason for it being less expensive is because it is a public school, private schools cost more money. College costs a lot of money so any chance to save money is helpful.

- This school offers so many different types of degrees. Having various types of degrees can help a person choose what they want to do, they always have something else to fall back in if they don't want to do what they chose. This school also offers degrees that I could take to become a dentist.


- This college is not a private school. Private schools usually offer a better education then public schools. If you are looking for a certain degree at a public school and they don't have it look for it at a private school because they probably have it.

- This college is located in a large city with lots of people. Since their are so many people in the area the college classes will fill up faster. Being a popular area also means that scholarships might be harder to get.

- There is 26% out of state students attending this college. This means that if you are from out of state it can be challenging to get into this college. 26% is a low percentage of out of state students.

Address: 901 South 8th Street, Moorhead, MN 56562

Pros and Cons


- This college is pretty close to home so that if I ever wanted to travel home I wouldn't have to take a plane or travel to far, wasting gas money. Going to a college that is close to home can save you lots of money.

- The book fees at this college are less expensive then other colleges. Spending less money on books gives you more money to use for tuition, food, etc. There are so many expenses to go college, any money that you are saving is very helpful.

- This college is a great place to go if you want to be a dentist because they offer many programs for people who want to be dentists. I would like to go to this college because they have so many different routes for someone who wants to become a dentist.


- The tuition of this college is pretty expensive. The extra money that you are paying to go to this college could put you in debt for a longer amount of time. It could also make you struggle to pay for college while attending college.

- This college does not have a doctorate's degree. Now a days competition is tough so if you want the extra advantage getting a doctorate's degree would be the way to go. However this college does not offer one. Another reason why this is a con is because if you want to be something that needs a doctorate's degree you can't get it at this college.

- Since this college is close to my home I won't get to travel and and see different places. It is boring sometimes when you stay in the same place for such a long time. It is nice to switch things up and go somewhere else. Traveling is such a fun thing to do.

Address: 5850 East Still Circle, Mesa, AZ 85206

Pros and Cons


- This school offers a doctorate's degree so you have a better chance to get a job in the future. Getting a doctorate's degree gives you an advantage over others who don't have one. Overall having a doctorate's degree at a college is better because more people will want to come to the college.

- This school is nicer then some other schools. Being away from home can sometimes be tough so even the slightest bit of comfort can help make you feel better. If the dorm rooms are good then you will feel more comfortable, this helps especially since you have to live their everyday for a long time.

- You get to see a new place and try new things. This college is in Arizona and I live in Wisconsin, I am not used to anything in Arizona, especially the temperature. It is a great oppourtunity to meet new people and see other parts of the world. I would really like to go to this college, especially so I can be living in warm weather.


- The school is far away from my family. I do everything with my family because they are very important to me. When I leave them for college I won't see them that often because I would have to drive along way or take a plane home. I don't want to spend so much money traveling back and forth to see my family.

- The tuition of this school is higher then most schools because it's a private school. The high prices of tuition would just make college and my life after college tougher. Spending so much money on school is a big decision that has to be made, if you choose the wrong path for you it can get really tough.

- Traveling home to see my family would cost so much money. If I had to spend money to pay for myself to travel from Arizona to Wisconsin I would only be able to go home to my family a couple of times. Being in college costs a huge amount of money, I probably wouldn't be able to afford traveling home and back.

Association Information

Organization #1

Name: American Dental Association

Website URL:

Phone Number: 312 - 440 - 806

Address: 211 East Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611-2678


Organization #2

Name: Academy of General Dentistry

Website URL:

Phone Number: 888 243 - 3368


Address: 560 W. Lake St., Sixth Floor, Chicago, IL

Extra Websites to Visit

Extra Website #1



Web Address: American Dental Education Association

Phone Number: 202 - 289 - 7201

Address: 655 K Street, NW, Suite 800

Washington, DC 20001


Extra Website #2

Name: Occupational Outlook Handbook


Web Address: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Phone Number: 1 - 202 - 691 - 5700

Address: PSB Suite 2135, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20212 - 0001

Job Advertisement

Do you want to be a dentist? Dentists get to care for the teeth and gums of patients and also fill cavities. They earn a salary of $74,000 to $166,000+. You must have a bachelor's degree and go to a dental school for 4 years. Dentists get great benefits such as dental and health insurance, and retirement plans. Dentists usually work Monday through Friday, 40 hours a week. However they can get called in for emergencies. If you're interested in being a dentist fill out an application today at or call the number 1-800-756-2387 now!

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