Levels of performance

Lee Carse

Foundation level

Foundation level

The foundation level is where the individuals that are taking part in this level are children aged between 6-10 years old. These individuals will take part in sport because their parents will want them to get more involved in sport at a young age so that they will enjoy it throughout their life.

Talent identification is important but not essential at this level because some people may stand out from the others and their talents might be on show straight away whereas other individuals may not show their skills straight away and they might get better with their development as they get older.

Human resources will be used at the foundation level as the person in charge of the game/test will have one look at the individuals competing and won’t be able to look at video technology in case they have made a mistake. such as a referee in football awarding a goal even if the whole ball hasn't crossed the line.

The equipment used at this level will be different compared to the equipment used at elite level. At this level if someone is doing the sprint test they will run from cone to cone and will be timed by their assessor using a stopwatch. At elite level the equipment used will be timing gates.

Elite level

Elite level

The elite level is the last level where the individuals at this level aim to perform in the highest professional level. An example is if a footballer performs in the elite level they would want to be playing in the premier league.

Goal setting is important for elite athletes as if they don’t set themselves high targets then they won’t have the motivation to win. The main goal that athletes will want to achieve is trophies and medals.

Squad selection is important for elite athletes because if they are in a football team they will want to play every week but there will also be another player in that position who will want to play in that position. They will need to train hard and prove to their manager why they should be the first choice for that position.

Recovery after injury is essential at elite level because the athlete will be able to let the physio and doctors know how there injury is progressing and when they might be able to return to full training. If they return to training quicker than they should then there’s a chance they can aggravate there injury again.

The facilities for elite athletes will be different from the facilities at foundation level. At foundation level if you are taking part in a football match then you would use a local field whereas at elite level you would use a football stadium.

The cost will play a big part for elite athletes in there sporting event because if they are able to rent the same arena it could help them mentally before they take part in there event. An example would be an Olympic athlete running on the same track in the build up to the Olympics.