Earth by Geoffrey Chege



The distance between the sun and earth in only two planets.Meaning is not to hot or too cold, perfect for every creature.
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Space Mission

The have been more 100 mission from earth to outer space including:

ACE-mission to study particle in our space.

Apollo-Mission to the moon.

Galileo-Mission to Jupiter.

Interesting Facts:

Has Atmosphere.

Has Life..

Third from the sun.

orbit in 365 days.

Also called Gaia the greek God.


Earth surface is covered by 70% of water and 30% of landmass.

The surface is made of layers of rocks also called the crust.

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The Earth's mass is 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg.
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Moons or Rings

  • Only one moon on earth.
  • It is more than one quarter the size of earth.
  • Also called a luna or Satellite.
  • Earth has no rings.
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The earth takes one year or 365 days to rotate around the sun.
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The Creation Of Creatures And Earth

Before the universe there was a great chief who lived in this wide empty space, and was starting to feel isolated and wintry. So he created a great fire and told it to burn for the of duration of time, but the fire would always never listen to the great word that the chief said. After a while the chief was growing tried of starting back the fire, and he needed a different solution. He took few days to think, but he came up with a different answer and it was a creature, this creature was made exactly from his example. He gave the creature lungs and air to blow the fire every day, and it did as the chief said every day.

Blowing the fire every day made the creature weary, so the creature walk up to the chief and asked him to create another creature so the they can help each other, and he created another creature but it was different from the first, but they putted their difference aside and worked together to keep the fire flaming every day that the great chief was so proud he gave them gifts, the first creature, which he named man was give strength,wisdom and free will. The second creature which he named woman he gave beauty, able to conceive, and he gave her a sack and told her when she feels it's the right time, to open that sack.

After all this gifts he gave them land but asked for them to keep the fire flaming every day. This new land they were given was nothing but a big empty space, and that's was when the woman opened the little sack and seed fell into the ground and a tree, grass and other plants started to come from within the ground and life began. After all that the great chief surprised them with another type of creature which he called animals, who could talk and walked on two, but was told to never eat the same as the man nor the woman, and every body was getting along fine. After a while the animals wanted to taste what the humans creatures eats and the man offered them some of his food, which made the great chief very anger and that's when he took away their abilities to walk on two or talk, but before he left he cursed that some will eat grass, some will eat meat, and some will eat each other. After seen what the chief had done the man and woman tried to run away from the chief but were caught. The chief tried to get them to apologize, but because they were too proud couldn't and as their result the chief said that there will be envy and that some will be friends and some will be enemies, and that's why there is violence in the world.

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