Technology class in 6th grade

By: Brenna Ness

Unit 1: Typing Web

in this unit, the teacher gives the whole first quarter to finish the the sentences stage on the learn to type website. In the lesson each little mini lesson teaches you to type at a more intermittent stage, and your grade is depended on where you finish off at the end of the quarter. In my opinion this was one of the moire relaxing units as some classes we would spend the whole class to work on it, or we would just get the five minutes at the beginning of class, either way, we got class time to work on it.

Unit 2: Coding

Coding was a unit that went along with the typing unit, but it was started later in the quarter. You basically just go through sages in the website, where you play as Angry birds, Plants vs zombie, and a little drawing dude. in these you use blocks and put them together to make them move, and draw lines or shapes. In my opinion this was a fun unit because our teacher also gave us a quarter to complete through stage 3.

Unit 3: Career Locker

This unit was a short, 5 day unit, all about what jobs we want to do in the future and where we might want to study to work at this job (Or college). Instead of your technology teacher teaching this, guidance teacher comes in and teaches you about the career locker website. In my opinion, this was one of the more boring units because it was alto of mini quiz's to see what job you really want to do.

Unit 4: Haiku Deck

The short, 5 day unit of Career Locker will come is very much use in this project because this one has to do all about your dream job. In this unit you have to make a presentation using the website and app Haiku Deck. You basically have to teach the crowd about your dream job and why you want to do the job when you grow up.

Unit 5: iTrailer

In this unit you have to use the app iMovie to make a fake movie trailer about what ever you want. For my project, i did a sort of murder mystery about a group of investigators working to solve a mystery about there dead friend, and they one by one find clues to who the killer is, not realizing that the killer could be right next to them the whole journey to solveing the mystery. In my opinion this was one of my favorite units because it was fun to make the story line, and i got to work with my cousins adding all of our ideas.

Unit 6: Explain Everything

In this unit, you use the app Explain Everything to show a math problem of the list. You then have to record your voice and solve the math problem from 'the viewers'. It was quite the quick unit and i enjoyed the unit a lot.