native american dance

by: Angelica,Evelyn,and Lizabeth


The native american culture has many different dances. dancing is a major part of their culture and is very important.


many dances are important because of their religion. some dances are for success in hunting and other celebrations. the dances are performed in a opened field around a fire or in a large structure. there were also private dances for healing and other different things.


  • the dances are mostly participation dances using many people.

  • some foreign influences have been taken in.

  • Spirit impersonations, including maskings and noise, are used.

  • agricultural dances tend to be abstract, and animal dances are usually decidedly copied

  • the dancers are a slightly forward-tilted posture, forward raising of the knee, flat-footed stamp or toe-heel action,

compare and contrast


  • social dance

  • tells a story

  • uses animal imitations

  • has foreign influences


  • couple dances

  • upbeat

  • sensuous

  • depends on the rhythm of the music

what we learned

Evelyn :

I learned that different dances have different meanings. Some are for religious reasons. Dances are very important in the native american culture.


I learned that their dances have a lot of meaning to them because of their religious factors and they hold many impressions from animals and spirits.


the dance is significant to all native americans . they would dance in an open field around a fire.they express who they are and how they feel by dancing they have many types of dancing , which each dance has different meanings.because of their religion.


1)there were literally hundreds of dances and variations across the continent.

2) the fancy dance was created by members of the ponca tribe in the 1920s and 1930s.

3) the native american dance was also called the indian dance.

in conclusion…..

Dancing is a big part of the native american culture. there are many dances like the grass dance. the grass dance is one of the oldest used dance. all of them are very important. other tribes started to practice these dances and created their own. some of the dances are fast paced like the fancy dance.