Max the Mighty

By: Monica Castillo

In Max the Might so far, Max helps a little girl called Worm. Max sees Worm at the Millpond and she sits by him and they start talking to each other. Soon after awhile Worms step dad comes looking for Worm and her mother. Worm had left a book in Maxes pocket and Max somehow knew Worm and her mother were in danger something in Maxes mind told him not to go but he went anyway. Once he got to Worms aparment he heard someone screaming and it was Worm and her mom because Worms stepdad was hitting Worms mother. Max helped Worm and her mother and Worms mother told Max to take Worm somewhere sfae , so Max did. The cops come looking for Max at Grim and Grams home. The Undertaker made the cops belive The Undertaker. Soon Max and Worm go to a high way hoping someone would help them take to Montana to go get Worms real dad. After a couple of hours a big colorful school bus stops to pick them up and the bus takes them to Montana to where they want to go.