Winslow' Weekly Update

Happenings in Room B-4


We will be finishing up with our focus of text importance and sequencing events. My kids have done very well with these concepts and are starting to transfer their learning to other times in reading. The phonics sound will be the Long O in words. Like last week, we will be talking about the "firecracker e" or the "silent e" at the end of the word that makes the O a long sound. (home, cone, globe, rose...) Our Readers Theater will be Baa Baa Black Sheep. We are all enjoying playing the different parts of the plays!

Hour of Code

Mr. French came in and did our first lesson on Coding. Coding is a way to use problem-solving, creativity and teamwork. We learned about a website that allow us to start doing some coding. If you want to access the website, here is the address:

Mr. French showed us how to use the website and introduced us to Bee Bot. We were able to use teamwork to program Bee Bot to go where we wanted him to go. It took several tries but with all of us thinking, problem solving and working together...we were successful!!! He also showed us Sphero who is controlled by the ipad. This was tougher but we enjoyed seeing Sphero move in our classroom.


We participated in an all-school project that combined the Rice Lake Roadrunner and our passions. First we learned about what the word passion means. We then brainstormed about what our passions were. We decided that our class passion is books. We said that we like to read books, listen to books on our ipads and also have books read to us by parents, grandparents and teachers. So below is a picture of our class passion poster. The kids each chose a book that they liked and then we took a picture of each student with their book. It turned out really cute!!!
Big image

Looking Ahead

***Mrs. Packer will set up a really cool obstacle course for us to use during PE.

***We have our Winter party on Friday from 1:00-2:00. It should be fun!!!

***We will read The Polar Express this week and finish the week by watching the movie, The Polar Express. On Friday, Dec. 18th we will have Pajama Day in first grade. Your child may wear their pajamas to school. Please remember that they will still go outside for recess so plan accordingly with their winter gear. Please no slippers. Slippers can be a hazard on our floors. We will enjoy a "sweet" treat while watching the movie.

***I wish you all Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy special time with family and friends! I will see you back at school on Monday, Jan. 4th!