Digital Audio-Books

Available as Playaways and in MackinVia

Expanding Audio-Book Collection

Audio books are popular with teachers and students served by Northwest AEA. In our lending library, our playaways are some of our most popular circulating items. For those of you not familiar with playaways, they are an all-in-one audiobook that resemble other popular digital audio players. Just plug in your headphones and listen to or read along with your favorite book.

We've expanded the availability of audio-books by adding a number of digital audio books to the MackinVia collection. Students and teachers can listen to these audio- books on their computers or on almost any mobile device. On their devices, users can access MackinVia audio-books along with eBooks through the free MackinVia app. Audio titles may be streamed for on-demand listening, or they may be "checked out" and downloaded. If you have questions about accessing these digital audio-books, please contact Northwest AEA. There is also a link to a video tutorial at the bottom of this document. I'd suggest watching the MackinVia Reader Demo.

Following are a few samples of just some of the 220 digital audio-books that are available in MackinVia. I've also included a list of all the available digital audio-books as well as lists of available playaways in our lending library.

Remember, too, that all of the content in MackinVia is available to students and teachers all summer long. Content from the lending library can also be checked out by visiting the Sioux Center and Sioux City Media Centers. There is no van delivery to schools during the summer.