Français 2

L'unité 3!

Les Objectifs

In Les Distractions you will:

  1. talk about your hobbies
  2. talk about sports and other pasttimes
  3. make comparison statements
  4. make superlative statements
  5. learn direct object pronouns and placement
  6. study another of France's regions

Les Devoirs

1. Les Distractions Discussion 1A

2. Les Distractions Writing 1A

3. Les Distractions TPR 1C Quiz

4. Les Distractions Writing 1F
5. Distractions Section 1 Quiz

6. Les Distractions Writing 2D

7. Distractions Section 2 Quiz

8. 3A Pictures Languedoc Roussillon

9. Les Distractions Writing 3A

10. Distractions Speaking 3A

11. Distractions Section 3 Quiz

12. Les Distractions Unit Exam

13. Distractions Listening Exam

La Grammaire

You will be learning the Comparative and the Superlative in French.
Check this website for some notes:
And for a practice activity.
In Unit 3, we are saying what's the best! Cette girafe est la plus grande de tous!
Be very careful with adjectives! Remember that adjectives have to agree in gender and number.
Check this to help you review: