success and failure

Sebastian Hutson

be thankful for what you have and good things will come

sf giants.. fsu

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I am a champion - the greatest speech ever [ENG SUB]

my plot

I was born Nov 27 2000 i go to Norwalk i thought i was going be a football player but turns out i am a lot better baseball player. and i've always wanted to be a doctor. but I've decided to see some other options. I Am thankful for my family and what they have done and sacrificed just to make me happy i am now 13 for me. I will help make some changes and support friends i will never back down from anybody no matter how big or small so in life just go your hardest don't let anybody tell you you cant do or your to small. i moved to norwalk to have better education and friends i decided my plot because its my home and i live here relates to my life because i was always told i was to small to do anything and i kept going and proved theme wrong and i can do it.
Jameis Fires Up Florida State


nov 27 2000 at my house in norwalk i chose this setting because i live there eat sleep etc

also because all my friends live in norwalk

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I Moved to norwalk in july of 2013-14 and for how long ive been here ive enjoyed it.
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florida state university

One day i wish to go to FSU

Florida state has been my favorite collage since i was born and always will be.

Plot twist

When i moved to norwalk i had to make some new friends and my school now i have lots of friends and i am enjoying it in norwalk. And it will always be my home.


turning point

be thankful for what you have because you could lose thing in a heart beat also good thing may happen.