Puma Periodical

January 11th - January 22nd

Welcome Back!

Please read all sections! Many important updates! Thank you!

Core Class Announcements & Upcoming Dates

Math: Please make sure that every student has a calculator at school! They will all need it in order to take the Case 21. If you child needs to rent one from the school, please have them let Ms. Dalton know ASAP.

  • Math 6 Unit Test on Wednesday (1/13).

Language Arts: All 2nd & 3rd Period Students (PAWS ONLY) need to purchase the I am Malala novel by January 25th. If you are unable to purchase the novel, please let Ms. Coyne know ASAP. Link to book HERE.

  • Paws: Finishing up our Unit 2 BNL Projects in class this week We will begin Unit 3 Nonfiction January 25th.
  • Claws: Beginning Unit 3 - Nonfiction this week! Students will be picking their own Nonfiction Novel to read during this unit. Choices will be due Friday. Novels need to brought into class by January 25th.

Science: We have started our new unit: What's the Matter? Element Project is due January 22nd.

Social Studies: We are in the middle of our Ancient Rome Unit. The test will be approximately around January 25th.

Important Upcoming Dates

Friday, January 15th - Early Release Day - End of Quarter 2 - PBIS Celebration for Students

Monday, January 18th - No School - MLK Day

Tuesday, January 19th - No School - Teacher Workday

Wednesday, January 20th - Language Arts Case 21

Thursday, January 21st - Math Case 21 (please make sure you have a calculator!)

Friday, January 22nd - Report Cards go home & Case 21 Makeup Day

PBIS Celebration Requirements

Student who have any of the following will not be permitted to participate in our PBIS Celebration:

  • 8 signatures among all core classes, they will miss one of three rotations w/ 3 SPOTS tickets
  • 9 signatures among all core classes, they will miss one of three rotations w/ 6 SPOTS tickets, two of three rotations with only 3 SPOTS tickets
  • 10 or more signatures among all core classes, they will miss all three rotations
  • In School or Out of School Suspension during 2nd Quarter, they will miss all rotations
  • Missing work still eligible for a grade, they will miss as many rotations as it takes to finish the work

All students will all be notified the morning of the celebration what rotations they will be attending and for how long. Students unable to go to any part of our celebration at this moment in time (we do still have four full school day until the end of the quarter) have already been notified. Please talk to your students about this. They are all well versed in the requirements to participate.

USO Service Project

Thank you to all students and parent volunteers who helped us during our Winter Celebration to decorate the USO room at RDU for our men and women in uniform. They greatly appreciated it! Here's a little blurb from their Facebook page about MPMS!

It snowed in the Lenovo room! The 6th Grade Pumas Team from Mill Park Middle School decorated the Computer Lounge and left notes for travelling military. Naval Academy Midshipman Dan Johnston enjoyed a few of the notes left by the students. This is my kind of snow!

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