Club Delaware 16s

The Dynomite Distribution

Capitol Hill

This tournament is just around the corner! Are you excited yet? One thing I would like to do when we get there is to have a team dinner or a team lunch. Ideally I would like to have dinner on Friday night, however if most of us are arriving later, it might be better to have lunch on Saturday after our morning wave of play, or dinner on Saturday night. Below is a form for you to fill out that can give me a better idea of what to reserve and for how many. Listed below is also some information about some possible places we can eat. They range from super casual to fancy.

All of the places listed above are featured on a Food Network show, so I would expect the food to be delicious on a bad day, which is exciting!!!

Scrimmage with Delaware Juniors

Arrangements are currently in the process of being made to play with a 16s team from Delaware Juniors next week; hopefully on Tuesday or Thursday. If everything goes our way, we would travel to the Sportsplex for practice at close to or near our normal time. The scrimmage would be the only thing we do that night for practice. Afterwards we would go home. As soon as things are firmed up, I'll let you guys know the details.

Captiol Hill Reminders

  • Note that you can either pick up your guest pass/wristband Friday night before the tournament starts or Saturday before entering the playing area.
  • There is a pickup location at a hotel about ten minutes from our hotel from 6-9pm Friday night if you would want to stop there. You will be able to purchase a wristband on site, but I would recommend doing it before arrival to save time the day of.
  • The cost of the wristband is $30 for the entire tournament if you pre-register, but $40 if you register at the convention center.
  • You do NOT need to purchase a pass for your daughter. All players will receive participant wristbands.

Contact Me

Let me know if you have any questions. Text is fastest followed by email and phone calls. You can also follow me on Instagram @the_branderson. It's strictly used as an announcement tool, so there will be no follow-backs. I know. Poor manners. There's posts on there about volleyball and sometimes math because #work. Have fun!