A Collage About Me

Dylan Wilson




SMART Educational Goal

S: I will get at a 3.0 or above gpa for the rest of high school.

M: I will get an A or B on every assignment given and not procrastinate.

A: I will do all homework that is given and do my best on every assignment, project, and test.

R: I well work assignment before and after school to ensure that i don't have anything missing in any class.

T: I will spend time in advanced to prepare for test and quizzed at lease a week in advanced.

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SMART Financial Goal

S: I am going to save up to buy a used car by the end of high school.

M: I will save a percentage of each pay check i get to go towards getting a car by the end of high school.

A: I will not by things because i want them but i will only buy things that will benefit me in the long run to save as much as possible.

R: I will save extra money to help pay for insurance and possible problems that may occur with the car.

T: Because i only have one summer break left, I am going to work as much as possible this summer break.

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