The Legond Sammy Davis Jr

A Story Of Sammy Davis Jr

Who Is Sammy Davis Jr

It is said that he is the greatest entertainer in the world. He could act in movies and dance and sing he was one of the greatest tap dancers around he really had a amazing talent.He was born on December 8 1925 in new York to a black VodVill star and a Porterican dancer.

What Did He Do

He was first on stage at 3 years of age and soon he regularly preformed with his father in the Will Masted Treo. During the world war 2 he stared in the entertainment department while doing this he learned pregades in always prevalent. After world war 2 he returned to new York to return to his show bis carrier.

What Happened After He Went Solo

In 1950 he went solo and produced 2 albums witch were both successful to make him a head liner in Las Vegas and New York. He was a huge star on Broadway he was in Mr Wonderful and Golden Boys both big hits.

Almost Death Experience

In November 1954 Sammy almost died in a car accented that shadered his face and ruined his left eye. While he was rediscovering he discoursed fossify with a ribie in the high spicked shortly after he converted to Judaism. He died from cancer at age 64 on May 16 1990 of lung cancer from smoking