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Rhetoric Strategies

Rhetoric Strategies used in "Nickel and Dimed"

In the book “Nickel and Dimed” there were multiple rhetoric strategies used in order to get Ehrenreich’s main idea across. Throughout the work, she uses metaphors, appeals to logos and manipulates her text through similes and hyperbole's. Multiple other strategies can be found throughout the book as well. Using Rhetoric adds multiple ways to get a writers point across, and some of the time it can make really bad situations appear to be a little bit better than they actually are, and vice versa. When people use rhetoric strategies it makes it makes it easier for the audience to relate to the problem being stated. I could go on for days about how rhetoric devices are used to enhance writing across the globe, and how it makes the writing more of an experience to read, simply because the reader has to think about what they are reading after they read it to fully comprehend it. Like stated before the Barbara Ehrenreich uses multiple strategies to enhance her writing and make it a fun experience for her readers.

Metaphors played a huge role in the book “Nickel and Dimed” multiple times throughout the read I found myself stumbling upon them. Like in chapter two when she say says ““all I can see is a grass fire raging in the back of my eyes.” At this point in the read, we know that she is clearly angry, and just to get her point across she compares it to a “grass fire in the back of” her “eyes.” Now when the reader gets a clear picture of how mad she actually was at this particular time in the book. Metaphors are used to enhance the reading experience and make it more relatable for the reader, and this is where Ehrenreich succeeds, because the readers are intrigued by the play on words and comparisons.

The use of colloquialisms in everyday writing are fabulous. Sometimes while reading we forget that a book is a collection of a person’s thoughts. When a writer adds rhetoric devices such as colloquialism’s and similes it makes it as if we know the writer personally. In the book “nickel and Dimed” there are multiple times during the read where one will stumble upon a colloquialism such as the one in chapter 3 where she says "where his, uh, detox products are kept (129)." When a writer uses this it makes it more relatable to the audience. In chapter one she uses “Laughing like pagans (112)” to describe how someone is feeling at one point throughout the book.

In conclusion, rhetoric devices are marvelous because they give a person’s writing character, as well as many other things. Rhetoric devices are uses to enhance writing, to take it to the next level. This is something that Barbara Ehrenreich succeeds at throughout her book, which reflects her journey through working multiple minimum wage jobs.

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