Edmond Rostand

By: Yasmin Villanueva


Edmond Rostand,most known as the author of Cyrano de Bergerac,was born in a town called Marseilles France on April 1,1868.His first play,named Les Romanesques,was performed 4 years after its release.He had 2 more plays after that one then released another one named La Samaritaine which was written for a famous French actress named Sarah Bernhardt,and was disliked by critics because it involved Christ.Later after his unsuccessful play he released Cyrano de Bergerac which was much more successful than La Samaritaine.The play made its first appearance in 1897 featuring the French actor Coquelin as the title role,Cyrano,and the play quickly became the play of the era with all of its drama filled action.After the play the audience was so pleased with the performance that they stayed and clapped and cheered for an entire hour!

Anyway besides his successful author life he had a good second life as well.After he finished his required childhood education he decided to leave his childhood home,a town named Marseilles,and attend law school in Paris for a law degree.Not too soon after committing to law school he decided to drop out and persue his dream of becoming a poet.He left Marseilles and went to Bagnères de Lunchon in the Pyrenees where he wrote poetry and learned to love the county side.Which is why after his marriage to Rosemond Gerald at 22 he decided to expand his family on a country side villa.The villa is now open to the public as a Rostand museum and is visited by many people to see what Rostands home looked like.A year after moving into their new villa Edmond and his wife had 2 children,one named Jean Rostand and the other one name Maurice Rostand.Later in 1914 war broke out and Edmond was recruited to help the wounded,and there he wrote patriotic verses for the paper.Soon after he was recruited he caught a strain of Spanish influenza and unfortunately passed away on December 2nd,1918 at age 50.He may have died centuries ago but he sure left his mark on this world with his beautifully written poems and plays.

Connection to present day

Edmond Rostand was very well known in the 14th century for his plays,and not many people recognize how well of a writer he was in this century,but for the other majority of people they recognize his great work and success.Most people only recognize his most popular play,Cyrano de Bergerac,because of its complex drama and romance and people find it entertaining.Today many people also recognize him through school,like me,as an assignment to read and research Cyrano de Bergerac.There have been lots of remakes of his plays with popular actors like Jennifer Garner which got him and his play lots of recognition.People now see him as an old Shakesphere type of writer with all of the beautifully written figurative language included with his plays and poems.Although he may not be as recognized as he was centuries ago his work is still deeply appreciated.


Edmond Rostand is positive towards society because he not only wrote a play that stuck with people for 7 centuries but he encourages play writers to work hard for success like his. He encourages them just by the fact his play stayed with people for seven centuries and the fact his play was applauded for an entire hour! By reading the first page of one of his plays it made you wish you could speak as beautifully as the characters in his book did. He was very relevant during this time because he was recognized as poet of the era which really says a lot about his great work.The main actor in Cyrano de Bergerac even demanded Edmond to create more plays for him to act in that were as great as Cyrano de Bergerac.Edmonds lasting impact was educating people in any century with plays and poetry that encourages people to be creative and expand knowledge in plays and figurative language.

Five Fun Facts!

1.He left an unfinished book behind before he died.

2.He dedicated Cyrano de Bergerac to Coquelin,1st actor to play Cyrano.

3.His father was also a poet.

4.The first play to be performed of his was performed when he was only 20 years old.

5.His wedding gift to his wife was a bunch of poems about her. (cute right)

6.He got a bad sickness as a child.


December 28th,1897 was the day Cyrano de Bergerac premiered and succeeded at being one of the best plays,and I think the audience that attended that night could agree because they clapped for an entire hour!The premire took place at the Thèâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin,and the play was so successful that it was performed there over 410 times!Later the play toured America and was also successful there.Although that your may have ended the play still continues to be performed and recreated all around the world in several different languages.


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