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Penguin Algorithm – Explore Important Recovery Tips

SEO professionals can’t forget 4th October 2013 when Google came with Penguin 2.1 and introduced major changes in search engine optimization techniques. Being successor of earlier version Penguin 2.0, the latest version tends to affect only 1 percent searches. This clearly indicates that the recent update doesn’t have bigger impact than the earliest one. Now, you may be definitely thinking about the major differences between the latest version and the earliest version. Here, you will be able to get the most satisfactory answers.

The answer can be described as capability of analyzing deeper level pages mainly to identify the spam level, ability to crawl and also deeper level of analysis. If the latest algorithm became a major issue of concern for you, don’t freak out. You need to find the best solution to overcome this challenge.

Here are several effective tips that you can follow to make your efforts successful and also to avoid any adverse impact on the latest update.

Ensure you determine offering backlines and remove them – If you witness some bad impacts on your website due to the latest updates, then you need to take action to identify those links which have been targeted by the Google’s web spam hunting algorithm. Once you complete the job of identifying the said links, then you should immediately remove them.

Find the remaining links once you remove the offending links – Once you have complete the removal process successfully, you can now make the best utilization of Google’s disavow tool, in order to disavow the remaining links from your own websites. It is also quite necessary for you to disavow all remaining links to ensure that your site is free from spam.

Send request to Google for reconsideration – In case, if your website gets penalized by the latest update, you will be notified through your webmaster tool account. In this scenario, it is certainly quite compulsory for you to send the reconsideration request to Google.

Ensure you perform high-quality and well strategized content marketing campaign – There are number of websites witnessed major fall in their online ranking due to Penguin 2.1 algorithm. Most of the people avoid the idea of link building again. But, they are advised to continue their link building campaign as it plays a vital role in enhancing their ranking.

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