Controversy in the Balkan Peninsula

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Yugoslav Federation

In 1990 Yugoslavia had with many problems. Foreign debt, inflation, and unemployment. More important were the strong nationalist feelings and political problems that lead to the crisis in Yugoslavia.

In 1992 the Yugoslav Federation was made , it had 6 republics in the Federation: Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Serbia also had two provinces: Kosovo and Vojvodina.

The Breakup of Yugoslavia 1990-1997

Tito, the highest executive in Yugoslavia is like the president in the President in USA. In Yugoslavia they take turns being the Tito and it was Croatia's turn. They elected Stipe Mesic. The Serbs blocked the election and the Tito fell and Milosevic, a dictator in Yugoslavia rised. The Serbs also controlled the army aided by the Milosevic.

After sometime the Yugoslav Federation started falling apart and Slovenia and Croatia withdrew or declared independence from the Federation in the end of June 1991. Macedonia declared independence on September 1991. Other countries like USA, France and Britain said that they should stay together.

Croatia organized a military to recapture places the Serbs captured. War broke out in Slovenia and Croatia. The Yugoslav army marched into the Slovenia and Croatia but stopped attacking Slovenia and still obtaining ⅓ of Croatia.

When Slovenia and Croatia declared independence Bosnia did to, this happened in 1995. The Yugoslavian army remained there to create a stronger Serbia.
Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic vs New World Order / Слободан Милошевић

World response

Because this took place during the World War II other countries like USA, Britain and France didn't want to get involved in this mess and they said that they should stop fighting.
The Breakup of Yugoslavia

Dayton Peace Deal

On November 1995 the Dayton peace deal was signed by all the Government leaders of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. The Dayton agreement of November 1995 created two self-governing regions within Bosnia - the Bosnian Serb Republic and the Muslim(Bosnjak)-Croat Federation.

Essential Question

What impact did the conflict in the Balkan region have on European culture and society?