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Japan's population is 126,919,659 people and 98.5% of those people are Japaneses. Also from the population .4% are Chinese and .5% are Koreans. In Japan the median age is 46.5. Common religions in Japan are Shintoism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Japan's population growth rate is -.16%. Japan's migration rate is 0/1,000 people. There are 7.93 births and 9.51 deaths per 1,000 people.

Unique facts

  • the founder of the Mitsubishi car company was a samurai before he became a businessman (Mitsubishi is well known car company in japan)
Japan also grows square watermelons not only do they farm they work but currently Japan has a 4% unemployed rate. Japan also has a 6% product growth rate which seems to be a good sign. Japan as well has 65.87 million labor force rate and has more pets then children being that the population is already pretty big. Meanwhile as the years go on Japan has had 1,500 earthquakes a year.

Geography facts

Japan is located on an archipelago. The capital of japan is Tokyo. most people in Japan settle by rivers and mountains which allows them to farm. Japan is in the Pacific Ocean the sea around Japan are made to protect and isolate japan. Although the sea is there for protection and isolation it is also there to help trading going in and out of Japan. Japan respects and fears the forces of nature being that they are the region of nature and tend to have lots of tsunamis which is basically a long high sea wave caused by an earthquake.


Japan : Tradition & Culture
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