The Bulletin

Term 3, Issue 5

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Dear Parents & Caregivers

It is hard to believe that we are at the end of Term 3. It certainly has been something different!

The timing and duration of this lockdown have made it very different to last year's lockdown experiences, but I think our community has done a fantastic job in keeping the learning going. The teachers have really worked hard to meet the challenges. Students have done really well – they have shown that they are really good at managing themselves and taking ownership of their learning. For some it has been hard, but they have done their best. Parents – what a fantastic job you have done as honorary teachers. Without your work and support at home we would not be in such a good place. A huge thank you to the parents/caregivers and whanau. We know how hard it has been to run the household, work from home and then be teachers as well!

Once again, we wait to hear what happens next from the Prime Minister on Monday afternoon. Let's hope it's good news. However, we all have our part to play, and I would strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated. It is the only way we can keep everyone safe and get back to the lifestyle we all enjoy so much.

If you are unsure or have any worries about the vaccine, I would encourage you to check out the reliable information available online. You will find accurate and up-to-date information on vaccines on the Unite Against COVID-19, Ministry of Health and Karawhiua websites.

I will be putting out another brief newsletter in the second week of the holiday break to go over arrangements for the start of school next term. I am assuming we will be back. Please watch out for that newsletter, so that you and your child know what to expect on day one.

Building Projects

Since we have moved to Level 3, our building projects have resumed and we have a lot happening on the school site.

The big new building has been handed over to the school. It still requires some minor finishing work, but we have started moving in ready for classes at the start of next term.

We are working with Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki to have the building blessed, but this is obviously a challenge with the uncertainty around Covid alert levels. The formal opening will be later in Term 4, once all work is finished and we have more certainty.

Work has also started on moving some prefab classrooms and over the break five more of these will be demolished. As a follow on to this work, we have done quite a bit of room refurbishment, so there are lots of room changes for next term. All students should check their timetable in the last week of the holidays to see if their class has moved.

We also have several other building projects happening:

  • O-Block window replacement. To be finished by the end of the holidays.
  • O-Block roof replacement. To be finished by the end of the holidays.
  • New toilet blocks. Work will start during the holidays with completion expected by March 2022.

In short, the school site will look very different when staff and students return next term!

Kia Kaha,

Michael Williams

Chinese Language Week

This year, our Chinese Lannguage Week celebrations included quizzes, a challenge to learn five Chinese words in five days, and even a dumpling making competition.

Bizventure Japan

Congratulations to Abirami Kabilan and Kimberly Hauser, who were chosen to represent New Zealand and Pakuranga College in the inaugural BizVenture Japan competition that was held from 17th to 20th Sept. The event was delivered by The Japanese Ministry of Education, Education New Zealand, North Asia CAPE and the Young Enterprise Scheme. Guest speakers included, Japanese embassy leaders, Gillian Greer, Hamish Cooper and more. Abirami and her team won the pitch competition, as well as challenge in which they had to convince the Japanese participants to visit their chosen part of New Zealand. READ MORE

Sione to Coach Franklin Bulls

Congratulations to Head of Basketball, Siona Maama, who has been selected as an Assistant Coach for the Franklin Bulls. Sione has worked with SalsNBA players on their skills for a number of years. Luckily, he won't be leaving us, but carrying out this role in addition to his position at the College. READ MORE

Creative Science

Students in Year 9 Science were challenged to get creative in making Biological models from things they could find around the house. The results were pretty impressive and included a spine created with sweet treats and a heart made from a milk bottle!

Triple P 'Fearless' Programme

Triple P is offering a free online course for parents of anxious children. The programme is self-directed and you can work through it at your own pace. The modules take less than one hour each, and it is recommended to complete one module per week. For more information and access to the course CLICK HERE.

Whānau Wellbeing

This week's theme is 'The Power of Forgiveness'. Research suggests that if we are able to forgive others for the wrongs they have caused us, we will feel less stressed and our mental/emotional wellbeing will improve. READ MORE

Upcoming Events

  • First Day of Term 4 - Monday 18th October
  • NCEA Exams start - Monday 22nd November