By: Bella Allen

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How do you make a sentence?

Sentence= Noun Phrase + Verb Phrase

It can also be = Subject + Predicate

What's a Noun phrase?

Well, a noun phrase is a phrase that has a noun in it but the noun is the main or key word. For example, The dog is the noun phrase because the word "dog" is a noun.

What is a Verb Phrase?

It is a phrase that contains a verb and either any word that is indirect or direct but it can not be a subject.

What is the difference between a linking verb and an action verb?

A linking verb is used to make a sentence complete, a action verb is a verb that describes what someone is doing.

Why is I a pronoun?

"I" is a pronoun because it acts like one. The definition of a pronoun is a word that takes place of a noun. If we had a sentence that someone was writing about them they would put I instead there name (the noun).
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What is an article in the English language?

There are three are three articles in the English language "the, A, and an."