Personal Trainer

Dylan Lett

Description of Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a fitness professional who works with people to help them reach a fitness goal through safe and effective workouts.

Certifications Necessary to be a Personal Trainer

You must be a certified personal trainer to be able to practice. Specialty certifications and CPR/AED certifications are also encouraged.

Daily Activities

  • Providing clients with a safe, effective fitness plan
  • Demonstrating a specific workout for a client

Education Requirements

A fitness related college degree is encouraged, but not required.

Necessary Skills

To be a successful personal trainer, you need to know about human anatomy, nutrition, and exercise science. You also need to be able to create a structured fitness plan for different clients that tailor to their physical needs.

Job Settings

A personal trainer will practice in a gym/health club.


$40,339 - $68,643

Job Outlook

The field of personal training is constantly expanding, especially with many celebrities hiring them to keep them looking good. Another reason is the recent concern for national obesity rates.
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