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Just the FACTS! Formative Assessment for California Teachers

The FACT System contains four performance-based, job-embedded modules to support participating teachers. Through the use of evidence collection and ongoing self-assessment, each module focuses on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Induction Program Standards, while incorporating the state-adopted Academic Content Standards for students. You are working in Module A now - Context for Teaching and Learning.
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Standards are everywhere!

We discussed 4 different types of standards that are important for planning instruction (Content Standards and ELD standards) and for your professional growth (California Standards for the Teaching Profession.)

Professional Development Reflections

Remember, you will be writing reflections based on 6 different Professional Development sessions you attend this year. Wonder why reflection is important? Read more!

Educational Leadership: Fostering Reflection

"The four modes of thinking enable teachers to connect reflection to practical classroom applications. When the modes are used appropriately, they also help educators understand their own practice and, ultimately, foster the intentional competence necessary for accomplished teaching." Lana M. Danielson

Taking Professional Development One Step Further


During our Orientation, we practiced the Kagan Strategies called Mix Pair Share, Jot Thoughts and Round Robin. Try another Kagan strategy called Quiz Quiz Trade.

Also, take a look below at this great overview of Kagan.

What Is Kagan?

Rick Morris

Rick Morris shared many useful and creative classroom management techniques. These strategies take classroom procedures from teacher responsibility to student responsibility. Rick Morris states, "What we allow we encourage." Build some strategies into your lesson plans today.

Rick Morris mentioned a blog by Michael Lisin. Check out his thoughts on classroom management in "You Don't Have to be Cool to Build Rapport".

Did you take notes during the Rick Morris workshop? Don't worry, here is a great summary by Joan Bohnstadt, 4th grade teacher at Central School.

For further information, more tips and great apps, visit the Rick Morris website.

The poster below outlines Glasser's Five Basic Student Needs as described by Rick Morris. Summary by Heather Peterson created on Paper 53 app.

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Great work Ashley Holmes! Ashley posted a great tip for using Google Docs in the Q&A section of Haiku. Jackie Meza is off to a great start with a SUPER "All About Me" wiki project. For our next newsletter, we will be looking for triad groups that have created systems for working together.

UP and Coming - Professional Development

Conversation Guides - All Induction Teachers

Wednesday, Sep. 24th 2014 at 3:30pm

2310 Aldergrove Avenue, Escondido, CA, United States