Branch Rickey in perservesrence

by: Emily Mangold

Branch Ricky sticks up for a negro in need.

Branch Rickey doesn’t leave a negro behind, even if others don’t like it. He helped Jackie Robinson when they were in a tough situation and told people that they could either give them a place to stay or they would go to a different place. He made a convincing argument to the person and made himself clear that he wasn’t going to leave Jackie Robinson behind, no matter what they threw at him.(289)

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Branch Ricky

Branch Ricky hires Jackie Robinson

Branch Ricky said to Jackie Robinson, “I know you’re a good ballplayer. What I don’t know is whether you have the guts.”(Robinson, 292)

The wisdom in Mr. Ricky

Branch Rickey chose Jackie Robinson for the team because he saw something that no one else could. He saw that Jackie Robinson had a good heart and a lot of guts instead of a racial agitator.(293)

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Jackie Robison (left)

Branch Ricky (Right)

Branch Rickys advice.

Branch Ricky also said “Robinson. I’m looking for a ballplayer with guts enough not to fight back.”(Robinson, 294)

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