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Library Resources - What can your library do for you?

Project/Inquiry Based Learning

Discovery Education

Digital Resources (by Jessica)

The Kempner High School Library is here to support you and your students with research and through collaboration. We have some incredible resources and we want to be the link between these resources and you! Recently our state purchased a database package called TexQuest, which includes two of the major databases that our high school students need the most: Gale and Britannica. Watch the following video to see how your students can benefit from using these databases. They are loaded with features, but I’m only going to focus on a couple of them due to time constraints. Please email, call, or come by any time for more information on any of our databases!


  1. Watch the three tutorials below.
  2. Go to Britannica Schools and create an account.
  3. Create a Resource Pack for one of your classes. Feel free to include questions or objectives in the notes.
  4. Turn in a link to your Resource Pack on the Edmodo Chef's Choice Page.

Just for Fun:

1. Send me the info I need to create a Lib Guide for your classes.

2. Send an email to jessica.nguyen@fortbendisd.com with topics or research needs for a class or particular project.

3. I will notify you when it is posted. Then you can look for your class or project under the Additional Digital Resources link on the Cougar library website!





Lib Guides


Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a paid web tool provided to all FBISD teachers. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to search for videos, pictures, lessons and more. You'll also learn about the many features of DE outside of the videos and pictures.


  1. Watch the three tutorials below.
  2. Create an assignment
  3. Assign it to your students. This can be a Board Builder or you can create your own assignment using "Create an Assignment".
  4. Turn in a student sample to Edmodo under one of the assignments.

Suggestion: If easier, you may select 1 or more classes. You are not required to assign it to all of your students.)

Logging In to Discovery Education

Logging in to Discovery Education

Search Tools

There are two ways to search in Discovery Education. Watch the video below and learn more about them.
Discovery Education - Search Tools

Board Builder Tutorial

Board Builder is an online tool where you can combine text, video, pictures and more for an interactive and engaging assignments. You're going to love it!
DE Board Builder Tutorial

Classroom Manager

Learn how to create your assignment, view assignments turned in, and give feedback in Classroom Manager.

*****End of CHEF'S CHOICE COURSES******

Desserts (Pick 1)

  1. Grant Writing
  2. Tear Down Your Walls (w/FREE Video Conferences)
  3. S'Mores
  4. QR Codes
  5. Facilitating Your Class w/Back Channels

COURSE 1: Grant Writing

In Progress....

I will post an interview with Amanda Flores-Salazar, Coordinator of Grants here for you to view. I will also post grant resources for you to use. Please note, all NON DISTRICT grants need approval prior to applying. She will talk about these details in the interview.

Assignment: Coming soon...

COURSE 2: Tear Down Your Walls w/FREE Video Conferencing

Description: Did you know we have distance learning equipment on campus and available for use throughout the year? Did you know you could connect with other campuses at no cost? Ready to collaborate and bring the "real world" to your classroom? Let distance learning become your new found friend and engage your students with opportunities to compete and/or collaborate with other campuses or schools in other districts in other parts of the country or world.


  1. Watch Video
  2. Go to www.padlet.com/staciebtx/vc
  3. Share two ways you could use distance learning in your classroom.
  4. Share two benefits to using distance learning versus your current resources.
  5. Comment on two other responses.
Distance Learning Tutorial

COURSE 3: Using S'Mores in the Classroom

Description: S'Mores allow you to organize your text, audio, and video in one location. In fact, you are viewing a S'More now. It is a great way to share resources and organizing thoughts or lessons to share with students.


  1. Watch Video
  2. Create a S'More to use in class.
  3. Copy the link given to you and paste under one of the main course assignments in Edmodo.

COURSE 4: QR Codes

Do to lack of time, I borrowed this video from a co worker. She created it for another training we did, so feel free to fast forward to 50 seconds.

Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom:

  1. Students scan QR code for homework or classwork.
  2. Have students check work by using QR code for answers
  3. Share book trailers
  4. Share tutorials or other useful videos via QR Code.
  5. Add a QR code to a display to allow for more details regarding project.
  6. Gallery walks/ Scavenger Hunts
  7. Research Sites
  8. Tutorials on activities
  9. Quick link to Surveys
  10. QR code for audio or video assignment

Assignment: Create a QR code sharing how you have used it in the classroom or students have used it in your classroom. You can use any of the ideas above or come up with your own ideas. I googled and found a lot of great ideas too.

Turn in by uploading a picture of your QR code under one of the main course assignments in Edmodo.

QR Code Tutorial

Scenice Route Revised

COURSE 5: How to Use a Back Channel in Your Classroom

A back channel is conversation that happens right alongside another activity. I also see it as a continuation of conversation after the activity or after class is complete.

Back Channels you'll learn about in this lesson are:

  1. Today's Meet
  2. Padlet
  3. Twitter


  1. Watch all the videos for this course.
  2. Choose one or more back channels to use in your classroom. This could be used during class, after school, or an ongoing chat. Your choice!
  3. Share the link with me in to Edmodo under one of the main course assignments.

Today's Meet

Edtech Tutorial: How to use Todaysmeet.com to create a classroom chatroom


How to use Padlet in the Classroom


Twitter was part of the required training. If you need help with Twitter, please refer to that link or contact Stacie Boudrie for additional support.

Link to Training: https://goo.gl/wPMhQl

Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter for Teachers (Optional Video - Meant for additional support)

Twitter for Professionals