6th Grade Tiger Newsletter


Get ready to ROCK your BEST 50's Look!!!

We are Celebrating 60 Years!!!


Our 60th Anniversary Central Celebration - Back to 1956 - is just around the corner!!! We will dance in our blue suede shoes together on Friday night, November 4 from 5 - 8 p.m.

Students will should have come home with order forms for this event last TUESDAY afternoon. (October 11) You will be able to pre-order meal tickets along with popcorn, cotton candy, root beer float, and cake walk tickets for this special family event. You may also pre-order your LIMITED EDITION 60th Anniversary long-sleeved T-shirt! (pictured below)

  • Please send cash or check (made out to Central Middle School), along with the order form to by Wednesday, October 19 to ensure your t-shirt is ready!

  • We will continue taking order forms for the meal and snack tickets through Wednesday, October 26.

  • All order forms and money should be turned in to Mrs. McGee or Arrean Corbin in the MAIN OFFICE.


Your student is not going to want to miss out on our sock hop, Central Diner with special presentations/entertainment, the cake walk, face painting, silent auction, special treats, etc. It's going to be a wonderful and memorable evening as we dress up like we lived in 1956 when Central was established!


Laura McGee

Lead Tiger

Thank You!!

Thanks to all of the parents who came out for parent/teacher conferences!!! We loved getting to see you and talk about your wonderful kiddos!!

Tiger Teachers in Action

Tiger Teacher Topics of the Week

Mrs. Jester's Math

In Mrs.Jester's 6th grade math class, we will continue working on solving one-step equations. This week, we will solve equations by using multiplication or division steps. At the end of the week, we will use our one-step skills to solve equations that involve fractions and decimals as well. (We will let the 7th grade teachers tackle equation solving with integers.)

In Mrs. Jester's Pre-AP Pre-Algebra class, we will be working on determining if two quantities show an inverse variation. We will also spend two days reviewing for our Ratios and Proportions Test that will be on Friday after Fall Break.

"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs."

Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Turnbow's Math

In math we are working on writing expressions and solving one-step equations.

Mrs. Reynolds' Spanish

This week, be prepared to learn some questions in Spanish. We will also continue to practice with the definite and indefinite articles as well as learn and memorize the subject pronouns. Verbs are coming!

Ms. Jasper's Science

We will be reviewing Chapter 2 lesson 2 content about electrical current and electrical circuits.

We will start building our own circuits, and do several activities related to electricity.

Please start saving toilet paper rolls in preparation for building our flash lights and send them to school!!!

Quiz Thursday over Chapter 2 Lesson 2.

You can download the ConnectEd app on your child's phone or tablet, and use their username and login I sent you to let them readily have access to videos and activities that go with our book if you want.

Ms. Clark's Science

We are still learning that electrons are invisible, but they have a force that can move and travel. We will be making sense of traveling electrons in an open and closed circuit. Supplemental information can be found in chapter 2. Enrichment opportunities can be found on the PHET website. Lots of great simulations.
Current Clark/Jasper Classroom Needs:

1-2 packages of balloons

2-3 rolls of masking tape, and I know this sounds odd but.... we anticipate the need for a couple of strings of older holiday lights ...we will be cutting out sections and won't be able to return them....lighter colored bulbs work better, as darker ones won't do as well in our 'flashlights' we'll be making.

Thank you as always for thinking of us!"

Mr. Janzen and Mrs. Anderson's Social Studies

This week we are learning about the government and how the system works.

October 20th was the end of the first 9-weeks, we will take our 9-weeks test during the week of November 7th. Study materials will be completed in the days prior to the test.

Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Frank's English

English classes will be taking a summative assessment. We will begin exploring our new theme Making Your Voice Heard by reading non-fiction texts with differing points of view about owning exotic animals as pets.

Mrs. Edwards' Literacy

In Literacy, we will be reading "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" in a play format. We will be working on several skills such as: literary elements and devices, critical thinking, inference, and comprehension.

Have a little fun with your kids at home!!! They LOVE this Dance!!

The Sid Shuffle - Ice Age: Continental Drift