Flashcards + SAT


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Flashcards lets you make sets of flashcards, that you can write on. You can write a vocab word and definition on the back or the other way around. This is a great way to learn those SAT Vocab words. Now instead of having to carrying around a bunch cards you can just save them in your iPod. You surely won't have to worry about forgetting them at home when it comes time for that study group because who forgets their phone or iPod at home? ;)

Downloadable on the iPod touch, or iPhone! Go download it! :)

SAT Vocab Words

This app will help so many teachers in process of teaching their students, and preparing them for the SAT. It's easy-to-use, entertaining app, that will surely catch the attention of any student. On the app you will learn how to pronounce it, a synonym of the word, the definition, and get a picture to associate the word with. The app provides you with a variety of mini games that everyone can enjoy, which also help you teachers tons in the process of helping students memorize those words. The app also gives you your own personal profile; in which you can keep track of your progress on the words.

It's the best product for learning your SAT Vocab words.