Welcome to Burma

Come to Burma to see the BEAUTIFUL ancient city of Bagan

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The Basics

Burma is a very beautiful place. The Country is located in Southeastern Asia between Bangladesh and Thailand. The weather there can be scary sometimes, but most of the time is is very nice. Not to cold or not to hot. There are Monsoons all year-round. The Tropical Monsoons occur June through September where the climate is cloudy, rainy, and hot. In December to April their is a Northeast Monsoon. The climate during that time period is very small humidity, mild temps, and less cloudy. The Climate in Burma is very Tropical. The Ayeyarwady River goes straight up the middle of Burma and goes out the Bay of Bengal. There is a very big Natural lake in Burma called Indawgyi. It is one of the largest lakes in Southeast Asia.

How To Fit In

Language: Burmese


  • When child is a few years old, they have a ceremony to give the child a name.
  • Don't show emotion in public, it is improper.
  • Newly married couples live with the parents of one partner for awhile to get on their own feet and support themselves.
  • Wealthy and powerful men sometimes have a informal second wife.
  • The head of the image of Buddha should not be touched.
  • People in Burma remove their shoes before entering a religious building or a house.
Values: Burma people value there religion a lot.
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Digging Deeper Into Culture

Subcultures: 4% of the Burma population is Christian (3% Baptist and 1% Catholic) and 4% are Muslim. 90% of Burma practice Buddhism as their main religion. The other 2% is other.

Culture Landscape: In Burma there is a few main sports that are the most popular. Soccer, golf, chinlone (ball sport), and lethwei (kick boxing).

Cultural Diffusion: In Asia Thailand and China also have Buddhism as one of their main religions.

Culture Change: In 2011 Burma switched to a civilian government.

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