Get out... And vote!

Get out... (Assuming it's not too cold) And about, AND VOTE!

Go and vote, people of Minnesota!

All citizens, discrimination free! (Some restrictions may apply)

Voting Amendments

15th Amendment: All nationalities can vote.

19th Amendment: Any sex can vote.

26th Amendment: Eighteen years old and older can vote!

Three Qualifications to Vote!

Elections held on November 8th.

A precinct is a place that has borders.

How to find your polling place Minnesotans!

How to register in advance and on election day.

Register in advance: Online, visit Must be eligible to vote in Minnesota. Provide an email address. Provide identification number, Minnesota issued drivers license, Minnesota ID card or the last four digits of your social security number.

How to register on election day: Local polling place. Must provide Valid Minnesota driver's license, Valid Minnesota ID card, Tribal ID, Voter voucher, Employee voucher, Late notice of registration, MN post secondary student photo ID.

Absentee ballot: The ballot you get when you're sick or can't make it to elections.

Three reasons people denied to vote: 1. Inmates of a mental hospital 2. Moved recently 3. Ill or away from elections on election day.

Three reasons people choose not to vote: 1. People find registration steps too difficult or stressful 2. They feel like their votes don't count 3. Did not educate themselves about candidates.

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