East Elementary Media Center

May 2017

End of Year Inventory

It is time for our end-of-year inventory. We will be busy scanning all bar coded items in the library, which includes our entire collection of books, teacher materials, and computer items. Below are the dates for items to be returned. We greatly appreciate teachers who place a note in their newsletters encouraging parents to return library books. Those who are teaching summer school, may check out materials at any time. Please highlight those materials on your list and make a note indicating they are for summer school.

Friday, May 12 - All student books due

Monday, May 22- All teacher materials due including library books. Any items you plan to keep ( summer school materials, speakers, surge protectors, etc.,) please highlight indicating you have accounted for them, but they are staying with you. This only applies to teachers who will be at East next year.

Monday, May 22 - iPads due (please see below for more info.)

Teachers Leaving Building

We hate to see you go! Please have all Library materials turned in by Tuesday, May 30, so we can initial your check out sheet. We need to make sure your account is clear and we may not be in the building on the days you return.


We are collecting all iPads in the library. iPads are due no later than Monday, May 22. Please place your iPads and cords in individual Ziplock bags with your name written on the bag. If you are reading this please email me for a special treat. If you need your iPads for summer school, place a sticky note indicating this on your iPads and you may pick them up when summer school begins.

Teachers Staying at East for 2017-2018

Items (speakers, powerstrips, etc.,) may be packed with your things and placed in the designated area according to Mrs. Hays. Please make sure you highlight these items, which indicates you have accounted for them and plan to keep them for next year.

Document cameras and computers will stay in your current room. Please do not pack or move along with any cords, cables or remotes.

Math Expressions and Kindergarten STAR fall trade books

All teachers need to return their Math Expressions teacher manuals (Vol. 1 & 2) no later than May 22. We will discard them from our system, remove their barcodes and return them to you. Please follow the packing protocol Mrs. Hays has sent out for curriculum items. Thank you to those teachers who have already sent theirs down.

Kindergarten STARfall trade books (Individually barcoded and labeled with the letter set they belong with) may stay with teachers who are not leaving East (just highlight on your list and pack with your other curriculum items). Those who are leaving (retiring or moving) will need to return them no later than May 22, so we can have sets reprocessed for Freedom.

Library Loot Bucks

If your class has earned 10 library bucks and they have not received their reward time please email me. I will not be able to host them for an hour in the library; however, I will provide ice cream sandwiches for your class!


I realize some of you are missing a collaboration to complete the required four. I have opened up my scheduling book for next week (only). Please stop by and plan with me so we can get an awesome lesson together for your students.

Thank You

Teachers we want to thank you for supporting the library this year. We have enjoyed collaborating with you and look forward to working with you next year. For those who are leaving, we will miss you and wish you the best in your new building or retirement : )