Salinity and Dissolved Organisms

Nakhiya Harris, Zack Burke, Sabria Harrod, Kevin Wheeler


SWBAT define the characteristics of salinity and dissolved organisms. This will help them understand the process of how the amount of salt dissolves many different types of organisms/animals.

Definition of water quality:

Water quality refers to the chemical,physical,and biological characteristics of water. It's a measure of the conditions of water relatives to the requirements of 1 or more biotic species and or to any human needs or purposes.

Definition of Salinity:

Salinity is the saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of water or soil. The chart below shows different types of water salinity in different types of water.

Water salinity

Fresh water Brackish water Saline water Brine

< 0.05%0.05 – 3%3 – 5%> 5%

< 0.5 ‰0.5 – 30 ‰30 – 50 ‰> 50%

Salinity in Water quality

To test water quality one of the things you test is salinity or how brakish it is. Some organism can only live in brackish water. Some organisms can only live in good water quality.