Winn Hermanski

Election of Kennedy

Election of 1960:

Democrat: John F Kennedy (303 Electoral Votes, 23 States, 32,220,984 popular vote, 49.7 percent of the votes)

Republican: Richard Nixon (219 Electoral Votes, 26 states, 34,108,157, 49.6 percent of the votes"

New frontier:
  • term used in Kennedy's presidential speech
  • Said the '60s were a new frontier for space, science, problems of peace/war/ignorance/prejudice and questions regarding poverty and wealth.
  • Created a new patriotic attitude
  • Addressed issues with more peace than aggression

Cold War

Flexible Response:
  • Massive retaliation in place beforehand
  • Meant to attack military rather than civilians
  • Created options other than nuclear as a response to attacks

Kennedy on Vietnam

  • increased the number of advisers (troops) in South Vietnam
  • created a coup against Diem in 1963
  • Sent so many troops that a smooth transition into leaving the war seemed impossible

Kennedy on Cuba:

  • Tried to cool the waters with the Alliance for Progress
  • Called the Marshall Plan for Latin America
  • He didn't interfere in the uprising at the Bay of Pigs
  • The revolutionaries were ransomed for millions of dollars of US drugs and supplies
  • JFK admitted he made a mistake
  • Soviet ships began approaching a patrol line
  • If they cross, we would be forced to attack, declaring war
  • Soviets had missiles placed in Cuba, aimed at the US (Cuban Missile Crisis)
  • Khrushchev agreed to take missiles out of Cuba and avoid Nuclear War.

Kennedy on the Berlin Crisis:

  • Khrushchev meets with Kennedy and threatens to cut off Western access Berlin and create a treaty with East Germany
  • Kennedy refuses to give in and USSR responds by building a wall dividing Berlin
  • "Wall of Shame" looked like a concentration camp

Kennedy on Civil Rights

  • Campaigned to black voters, but didn't follow through on promises
  • Political concerns kept him from acting
  • After riots, sit-ins and attacks on politicians, he was forced to join the movement
  • Voter Education Project created to register blacks in the south
  • MLK and JFK had a strong relationship
  • He attempted to desegregate universities
  • Ole Miss students attacked an black air force vet for enrolling
  • 400 marshals and 3000 troops sent by JFK to allow him to enroll
  • Addressed the nation on June 11, 1963 about finding a solution
  • Address made in an attempt to curb violence

Assassination of JFK

  • November 22, 1963 Dallas, Texas
  • Drives down the road in a limo with an open top
  • Dies within seconds, shot by a rifleman in the School Book Depository
  • The assailant makes a run for it and is later captured in a movie theater
  • Assassin captured and revealed as Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Oswald defected to the USSR after serving in the US army
  • He is said to be a communist
  • Oswald is shot down as well while swarmed by news crews on the way downtown
  • LBJ is sworn into office on Air Force One and takes over as president
  • There are several conspiracies surrounding the death of JFK